By now you may have detected a narrative in the recent series of musical posts. What we have here friends is a  musical walk through the passage of one life. A life that began in the second month of 1965. This is by no means a scientific study. It is highly likely that this unique memory of dates and times is like most, less than perfect-achronological. You may receive a post about Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks album after a post about Style Council as an example. This is how I was introduced or discovered artists, not by Artist release date rather by ” right on time” synchronicity for my stage of life and development.

Most of us are introduced to artists by family, friends, and synchronicity.

Consider your most “purple prose” romantic breakups in early adolescence. What music did you accidentally, by coincidence or chance, discover that gave voice to your inner dialogue/torment?

I was introduced to Lloyd Cole by my friend Liz. Liz lived above a restaurant/club on the main street in Ithaca NY.

By coincidence, I was reading Robertson Davies, “Deptford Trilogy” contemporaneously. “Jennifer she said” was the first track Liz played. Lloyd’s voice had the sultry crooner effect of Billy Idol with something more.



It would be difficult to find a more apt artist soundtrack to accompany this brief moment in my life, a friendship in early bloom, the redolent prose of Robertson Davies and Lloyd Cole’s sultry, slyly wise vocals. Music has a way of finding you at just the right moment. Think of the first time you heard Traffic, “John Barley Corn must die” then listen to the 1972 live concert with a Steve’s solo acoustic version.