Once again, we have the weekly periodical New Yorker, to thank for re-introducing us to great artists like Jenny Lewis. Jenny Lewis has been on the periphery of our general awareness for longer than we can remember. Perhaps she plays a similar role in your life? Happy to have her with us as she may be one of the best pop song lyricists (singer-songwriter) working today. A strong melodic voice booms out of this slight body. Lyrics from a liberal arts storyteller.

Read the article in this week’s New Yorker that inspired our mention, the rough outline of the Jenny Lewis life to date.

Heads Gonna Roll: 0:45
Wasted Youth: 5:50
Party Clown: 10:04
Red Bull & Hennessey: 25:03

Singer-songwriter Jenny Lewis performs a set of upbeat and sophisticated songs on Artbound Presents Studio A, interweaving energetic indie rock infused with subtle country and pop style.
Teppei Ando
5 months ago
1. Silverlining
2. 6:19 Head Above Water
3. 10:18 She’s Not Me
4. 16:06 One Of The Guys
5. 19:50 Acid Tongue
6. 25:46 With Arms Outstretched