John Coltrane Afro Blue


 I heard Afro Blue for the first time when the choreography for the  Dayton Dance Company ADF performance featured this track at Stewart Theatre back in 1996.  I was mesmerized by the dancer’s hypnotic synchronized movement to this Afro Blue Coltrane track.  Such an incredible tour de force the way it builds momentum, from a very subtle intro, middle, and crescendo (inspirational)!

The second John Coltrane track is My Favorite Things, a cover by Coltrane on soprano sax, where he fluidly demonstrates his melodic mastery. This is the track I return to whenever the creative juices are flowing.  I find listening to this track aids the creative process. There are so many Coltrane tracks worthy of multiple listenings at different times in one life.  Giant Steps is often mentioned as one many admire.   My Three favorite tracks, in no particular order, are featured here for you.   (Afro Blue, My Favorite Things and Naima).

One more aside:  For many years I kept a very large, dry mounted print of the Blue Train album cover image in my music study.  The B&W image of John Coltrane wetting a reed with his Tenor sax in his lap.  A giant influence on me and so many others who took up playing saxophone after hearing a master like Coltrane play the tenor or soprano.  I practiced Alto Sax etudes while Coltrane’s image and discerning presence hovered prominently “in the room”.


Afro Blue for you

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