A necessary telling by a humane, humorous, empathetic singer-songwriter. The visuals will hit as intended, pure sadness. If your heart doesn’t open to the opiate epidemic and its aftermath then please come see me for a full class of compassion inducing meditation sessions.





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Video Directed By Kerrin Sheldon and Elaine McMillion Sheldon
Song Produced by Dave Cobb

Backing Vocals: Brandi Carlile
Courtesy of: Low Country Sound


Starring: Doy Russell, Emily Bignall, Carrie Bignall,
Directors: Kerrin Sheldon and Elaine McMillion Sheldon
Director of Photography: Kerrin Sheldon
Assistant Camera: Mark Eric Trent
Producers: Elaine McMillion Sheldon, Kerrin Sheldon, Kyle Sheldon, Jeromy Rose.

John Prine and Bonnie Raitt-“Angel from Montgomery” duet.

A classic duet, written by Bonnie, between two old friends and touring musical companions. This last performance, at the 18th Americana Annual Honors, is beautiful to watch. We have included an early version, audio-only for comparison.

Angel from Montgomery
Bonnie Raitt

I am an old woman
Named after my mother
My old man is another
A child who’s grown old
If dreams were thunder
And lightning was desire
This old house would’ve burned down
A long time ago
Make me an angel
That flies from Montgomery
Make me a poster
Of an old rodeo
Just give me one thing
That I can hold on to
To believe in this livin’
Is just a hard way to go
When I was a young girl
I had me a cowboy
He wasn’t much to look at
Just a free ramblin’ man
That was a long time
And no matter how I tried
Those years just flown by
Like a broken down dam
Make me an angel
That flies from Montgomery
Make me a poster
Of an old rodeo
Just give me one thing
That I can hold on to
To believe in this livin’
Is just a hard way to go
And there’s flies in the kitchen
I can hear all their buzzin’

Source: LyricFind

Heard the very sad news of John Prine’s passing on the way home this morning from the recycling center. John Prine, who Chronicled the Human Condition in Song, Dies at 73 (April 7, 2020). Mr. Prine, cancer survivor 2 times, succumbed to complications from COVID 19. We are all indebted to John Prine for his creative output and humane humanity. Here is a not before seen performance of “That’s the way the world turns round”

Please enjoy this special duet Stephen Colbert calls “one of the happiest moments I’ve had on my show.” Filmed at the Ed Sullivan Theater in 2016 but never aired on The Late Show, this performance features John Prine on guitar, sharing vocals with a very grateful Stephen Colbert on a song called “That’s the Way the World goes Round.”


The first time I gave John Prine a serious listen was this album, the Missing Years. No coincidence, that the Missing Years of you know who was the Genesis, (pun intended) of my spiritual inquiry. John has been described as a master songwriter. I believe he is so much more and this song exemplifies his talent for capturing the American spirit in song .




Deep within the sadness of John Prine’s passing, we combed youtube to discover this tribute,  

The last song recorded by John Prine co-authored with long time collaborator John McLaughlin.  Listen with your beloved as this one will hit you especially hard in the longing of your romantic heart. 

John Prine – “I Remember Everything”

The last recorded song by John Prine. Written by Prine and his longtime collaborator Pat McLaughlin.