When you listen to Joni Mitchell do you hear a nuanced vocal, innovative open chords copied later by an admirer like Prince or something even more? Perhaps you hear an artist who has written some of the most original, first-person narrative stories that Rock/pop music has ever produced? Could Joni Mitchell be a visual artist in every sense of the description? Joni is a seminal influence to so many singer/songwriters producing works today. Here are a few of my favorite tracks.          
Joni performs at Isle of Wight Festival in England, 1970  

My favorite Joni releases

My early exposure to Joni Mitchell was, Judy Collins cover of Joni’s, Both Sides Now song. Many years later I discovered the perfect all the way thru masterpiece, Blue. Some artists release their most impactful work early in their career before the industry makes their mark. Think of Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks, now listen to Joni Mitchell’s Blue. I promise you if you enjoyed the River video above you will love Blue.