This is immensely entertaining.   This man is a saint, bee whisperer, teacher, shaman, Queen handler, hive protector-humorist.   Gentle with bees and humans alike. Watch him in all kinds of settings throughout Louisiana.   The gentle giant has a way of disarming hives and groups of onlookers alike. I discovered this channel, not quite by accident, as the YouTube algorithms brought us together.  I share with you a beautiful soul brother from the lands of the South.  We belong in one hive/tribe is the mantra I hear while watching him work.

JP Beeman with Hive on bird house


Showed up to perform a bee removal in the wall of this house & the homeowner pointed out a swarm in his tree. In this video, I shake the swarm & show footage of the hive in the wall. The colony of bees in the wall had swarmed, evidenced by several swarm cells or “queen cells.”

Bee Man Vs Duck Box Full Of Bees!


This one was quite the adventure folks! I don’t want to spoil the fun by saying too much (you’ll have to watch the video) but this honey bee removal took two days to complete & required me to use a cane knife, snips, handsaw & chainsaw to get to the hive & to remove it! It was a wild, wild adventure! Hope you enjoy it!

A very pleasant surprise to find a new video, after a long absence, from J.P. the Beeman.  Most know the Beeman was out of commission for some time due to Hurricane IDA’s devastation within his large community of friends and family.  Now we have our good, gentle giant back in the bee whisperer game.  No one is more skilled, kind, and humble in his divine vocation than JP the Beeman. 

Paul Langan

So You Wanna Catch A Swarm Of Bees?

Have you ever been interested in shaking a swarm of honey bees? Lots of folks are doing so these days or are interested in doing so. In this video, I talk about how to go about it & the fact that you don’t really need fancy equipment to temporarily house a swarm of bees. Sure hope you enjoy the video & are having a fantastic day!


Queen Bee wallpaper

6 Days Since Hurricane Ida


Just a little update while I sit in the fuel line. 6 days since Hurricane Ida passed.

Bee Man’s Life After Massive Hurricane

eric-ward-HoneyBees flying into hive -unsplash (1)

JP The BeeMan


Moe called me to remove a beehive living in his home for at least two years. At some point during the process, we discussed leaving the colony right where it was & Moe dug the idea. In his area, it’s okay to have bees; well, his home now is their permanent residence. I went back more than a year later for part 2 & we accessed the hive & harvested some more honey. There will be a part 3 sometime shortly; stay tuned! Please consider subscribing to my channel if you enjoy the content, appreciate it!
neil-harvey-Honey Bee up close on flower petal collecting nectar-unsplash-

At First, He Wanted Them Gone But Let Them, Bee



boba-jaglicic-Honey Bees on Honey comb working unsplash (1)
shelby-cohron-Honey bees feeding Queen on comb-unsplash (1)

Why Did The Bees March Into The Box?


Why Did The Bees March Into The Box? In this video I explain why bees will enter a hive box that has housed bees previously, referring to my video “Insane Amount Of Bees March Into My Hive Box.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlGLH… I also go through a nucleus colony of bees that I performed a removal on several weeks ago. You will see a very beautiful Italian queen & I mention my favorite hive tool. I reside in New Orleans where winters are very mild so honey bees thrive & are abundant here. I fool with bees in some capacity approximately ten months of the year with the season beginning in late February/early March. I travel throughout southeast, Louisiana removing bees from unwanted places & giving them good homes where they can fly freely, pollinate the world & make honey.

neil-harvey-Honey Bee up close on flower petal collecting nectar-unsplash

Bees In Da Trash


Honey Bees decided to take up residency in yet another garbage can. Have removed several colonies from garbage cans over the years believe it or not people. The hive in question was in an unkempt backyard & I had to clear a path to even get near the thing but the bees were darlings & I had a nice & very attractive audience as well, a win-win in my book! The beehive as always was removed alive, my specialty. Hey, who doesn’t like honey bees right? If you’re new to my channel I hope you enjoy the content & if you do please share my channel with friends & loved ones. I’d really appreciate that! For my loyal watchers, you guys & gals are the best & I hope 2020 brings you health & happiness! Save the bees!

david-clode-Honey bees on sunflower
cameron-ballantyne-smith-Honey Bee on Purple Coneflower collecting nectar up close shot-unsplash

Bees In Da Couch


Bees In Da Couch, that’s right! This is the third couch I’ve removed bees from over the years; never a dull moment with bees, folks! Everyone, including myself, had a good time during this removal process. The old couch in a lot in New Orleans, “Holly Grove.” Cam, the young lady in the video, cleared the lot for her father. It was overgrown to about waist height & neighbors mentioned there was this old couch full of bees. Cam called me & that’s when the fun began… This colony is now at my buddy Schawee’s camp in Gonzales, Louisiana, where many of these colonies I have been removing the last few years have been going. The land comprises 3,000 acres, so there is plenty of room for hundreds of hives to exist. JP the bee man is a Louisiana native born in New Orleans & fools with honey bees roughly 10.5 months of the year, weather permitting. Thank you for stopping by to explore my channel & please consider subscribing if you want to see more & tell ya, friends & family, too! Hope you’re having a great day cause you know I am!




cassandra-Honey Bee on flower petal collecting nectar-unsplash
 YouTube The Birds Can't Bee Without Some Help From JP - YouTube

Bee Man Vs Bee Tree


ASAP Tree Company called me out to assist them with their tree removal project. They had already removed two other water oaks & the 3rd one had a decent-sized beehive in it. This was a good group of guys to work with & for the most part, things went as planned. The idea was for the tree company to lower the limb the bees were into the ground & get it out of the way so they could remove the rest of the tree. I would do my part after that which involved using a chainsaw & pry bar to open the limb & access, then remove the honey bee colony & transfer them into my domestic setup. Later on, you’ll see me feeding the colony “fondant” at their new, temporary location. If you enjoy my content, please consider subscribing to my channel for past & future videos. Thanks for watching!

Bee Man Vs Another Bee Tree

This past October, ASAP Tree Service called me to remove bees from a location they were removing three trees from. One of the trees had a good-sized beehive living in it & I performed the removal that day. The link to that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOWEe… On March 4, 2021, ASAP called me about another bee tree not too far from the other location, perhaps a mile or so away as the crow flies. This is the video from that removal, Hope you enjoy it.

Is the BMPCC 4K still worth it in 2021? | STOP ASKING


There seems to be an influx of videos on YouTube asking if “the BMPCC4K is still worth it.” It’s time to stop asking. In this video, we cover why it’s still worth it in 2021 and for the next 5 years. What do you think?

BMPCC4K 2022 | Best budget cinema camera for filmmakers


Should you buy the Black magic pocket cinema camera 4k in 2022? Well, it depends. This is my journey and process on how I came to decide that is was the best camera for me and my budget. I’ve been using the BMPCC4K for over 6 months now so here are my thoughts.

A budding filmmaker like you needs the Blackmagic Pocket 4k VS Hollywood Movie Camera | Red Dragon


BMPCC 4K Review – I spent one year with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K, am I still in love?

BMPCC 4K Review – I spent one year with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K, am I still in love? Another BMPCC 4K Review?! I didn’t just buy the Pocket 4K and use it for a week. I used the BMPCC 4K for a full year before producing this in-depth camera review on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K to provide my fellow filmmakers with the knowledge they need before you purchase the Pocket 4K. Find out why in 2020, I think the BMPCC 4K is the best value cinema camera for filmmakers like you. Learn how I put this entry-level cinema camera to the test when it comes to filmmaking and videography work in the field. In this 1-year review, I also show you some BMPCC4K Footage that I’ve shot, as well as show you some low-light footage from the BMPCC 4K.