A mid life Appreciation for Larry Bird.


I was not a big Bird (pun intended) fan growing up in a New York Knick’s household. The college years and on-court rivalry with Magic was captivating to watch but Larry always played for the opposing team. Respect was earned quickly for his mastery of the game. Today I come to admire his basketball IQ, competitiveness, and full-court 20-20 vision.

Much love for the newly discovered by me, YouTube channel, BTM Basketball Time Machine for reinvigorating my love for the sport of basketball and appreciation for the old school greats like Larry Bird.  

A complete retrospective on Larry Bird’s career. Bird a unanimous Top 10 Player of All Time who has become surprisingly underrated despite being one of the games greatest clutch shot makers, and trash talkers of all time. I compiled a ton of stories and moments that will remind you of how great Larry Legend was. Hope you enjoyed the video.