Lucinda Williams


Lucinda Williams is beyond brilliant by any metric in the singer/songwriter category.  Songwriting skills, lyrical content, performance, rock and roll performance muscle, choice of sideman musicians. Find me a stronger performer in any of the aformentioned categories and they will find a home on Durham Cool.

You are likely familiar with the seminal release, Car wheels on a Gravel road?   A lesser celebrated recording, but no less worthy is the album “Essence”.  Essence is the most impressionistic of all Lucinda releases.   There are so many great tracks on this release, featuring Lucinda’s lilting vibrato, that it is difficult to single out a few of my favorites.  I have included a few here for your enjoyment but I recommend you purchase or download the entire album (available right below this post).   Listen to  the entire release on a long drive through the country or ride to the beach.