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Mad World performed by Curt Smith of Tears For Fears


One of the songs that I played over and over again growing up was Mad World by @Tears For Fears Youtube. Hard to imagine a song that seems more relevant right now. I am so happy to share a new beautiful version by my dear friend Curt Smith of @Tears For Fears Youtube with his daughter Diva recorded for us from their quarantine life in LA. –Tory

In 1985, my musical tastes leaned towards Roxy Music, U2, Style Council, the Police, English Beat, Paul Wellar, Boby Marley, Van Morrison. New Wave touched me from a distance and served as the musical milieu for the period. Remember that Brian Eno is the 1 degrees of separation for all good music from the 80s.
Tears for Fears did not take long to make it into mainstream pop as their vocal harmonies were so strong and easy on the AM/FM ears across the spectrum. Why do I return to Tears for Fears today? Curt Smith and his musically talented daughter. This featured video is a gift from the Youtube algorithm fairies. From my feed to your eyes and ears.

Tears for Fears in Concert – Live at BBC Radio Theatre (2017)

Setlist: 01 – Intro (“Everybody Wants to Rule The World” Lorde version) 02 – Everybody Wants to Rule The World 03 – Secret World 04 – Sowing the Seeds of Love 05 – Advice for the Young at Heart 06 – Everybody Loves a Happy Ending 07 – Change 08 – Mad World 09 – Memories Fade 10 – Creep 11 – Pale Shelter 12 – Break It Down Again 13 – Head Over Heels 14 – Shout