Launch or advance your data science career with a hands-on Master’s degree from one of the best-ranked universities in the world.


The University of Michigan School of Information’s online Master of Applied Data Science (MADS) degree is designed for people who want to become a data scientist by learning skills from hands-on projects. You’ll work with real datasets to learn how to put data to work to improve everything from business success to people’s lives.

As a MADS degree student, you will learn systems and techniques that help organizations overcome data overload and make sound, smart decisions. Whether you’re looking to create real estate market forecasts or use data to study Russian literature, the MADS degree program teaches you the fundamental principles of data science so you’re equipped to tackle challenges in an ever-changing field.

The MADS curriculum prepares you to be a leader in your field. You’ll master core data science concepts like machine learning and natural language processing. To get prepared to succeed within today’s organizations, you’ll dive deep on key topics such as privacy, data ethics, and persuasive communication. You’ll work with authentic industry data sets from top companies. From your very first course, you’ll start building a work portfolio to showcase your skills for employers.

Applicants are not required to have an advanced technical background — all you need is basic statistics and Python proficiency. These skills can be learned through Statistics for Python and Python 3 Programming, which are available now on Coursera.