The years 1967-1971 were a vibrant period for so many Artists, not least of whom Joni Mitchell. This was the period of the album Blue and many fans first exposure to this Canadian Creative artist.

My intent with this brief exploration of this early period was to show you, in contrast the early blossoming of creative force and the mid-career- period with Chinese cafe, where Joni leans on influences from Jazz, blues and R&B.





Kurt von Behrmann

This is a fantastic song. Several years ago when Wally was creating the Joni Mitchell web site, he was really great posting some of my art work that dealt with themes similar to one’s in her songs. Wally will be missed. He was a really nice man.

Several years passed and the Joni Mitchell fan club asked me to create a card for her on her birthday. I was told whatever you do, do not include her face. That stipulation was not an issue. I came up with a kimono set against a surrealist background. It was bright and colorful in colored pencil. I scanned the drawing and sent it.

I never knew if Mitchell ever saw it or not. I thought so much of the drawing, I put the original in an exhibition. The husband of the owner of the gallery bought it before the show opened. So very few people saw this work, which was sad, but oh so poetic in some ways.

I have always had great respect for Joni Mitchell. When I was in high school I picked up “The Hissing of Summer Lawns.” It left me with several important things. I wanted to be an artist no matter the cost. I would really love jazz and finally I wanted my life to be interesting. All of those things happened. Even with the ups and incredible downs, I would never trade being an artist in for anything. There is nothing that can ever stop me from being creative. Thank you Joni Mitchell for the music and the paintings.

Joni Mitchell Blue

You truly have no justifiable reason not to pick up a copy of Blue.