Nothing approximates the taste of Bagels and lox with capers and a red onion slice. This combo cannot be replicated in a vegetarian analog. The fundamentals of culinary art, sweet and savory in perfect balance. Saline and sugar, the Yang and the Yin. You must try this before you leave your body. May not be consumed alone. Must enjoy with friends and family. A weekend repast, preferably on Sunday with the fattest newspaper on the table. New York Sunday Times will do in a pinch.

I learned today from this, cited NPR story, below that Lenders were the first bagels introduced into these United States. Lenders were the HH bagel for our family growing up in Newburgh, NY. The grocery store has frozen, Lenders today are not close to my memory of the original brand consumed by my birth family in the 1970s.

Today I am more than ok with Bruegers.