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The first steps to creating a food forest in the wilderness.


My Self Reliance


I started watching this excellent YouTube Series by Shawn James several months back.   The series follows Shawn as he builds his Homestead (sans power tools), in the Canadian Wilderness.  The work ethic, resourcefulness, clean camerawork, minimal narration had me from the start.   A calming meditation suggestion is to allow one of Shawn’s Videos to roll while you sit in meditation on a chair or on a cushion.   Since Shawn’s narration is judicious (the heart of brevity) there is a quiet rhythm to his work around or in the cabin.  Callie, his faithful canine companion is always at his side, intermittently prompting him to take a break and throw her favorite red retrieval toy for her eager fetch.





The New Porch on
My Off Grid Log Cabin is My Favorite Spot on the Homestead