Emerging Artist Tuesday on Durham Cool

Miguel Head shot

New, maybe, to DC readers?  Miguel has been here but ended up in the Tuesday Vahaus music spin for vous.
The women in the Stockholm crowd far outnumber the men, and they are more talkative, too. The men tell me they are here for their girlfriends; they don’t have much to say about Miguel. A few sound resentful. But the women could yabber for Sweden about the diminutive African-Mexican American star. Hanna Awa, 23, tells me, “I love his funk, his performances, his sexiness. Everything. It’s just like, oooooooooh!” She flips into full When Harry Met Sally mode. He’s filthy, isn’t he? She nods enthusiastically. “I know! But I love it! Please, we’re in Sweden – we need some of that. I don’t want to be rude, but all the men here are just a bit not into women.”  Read on if you must.



You know Brandi Carlisle, at the very minimum, from the Americana Emerging Artist article on Durham Cool.  This KCRW live studio playlist Grammy nomination performance, with strings is well worthy of an additional mention.  Brandi has a voice and great musical chops.  One to watch going forward.