Bruce Cockburn

Musician, poet Bruce Cockburn is known to you. Most likely he is on the periphery of your awareness or perhaps known to you for his mainstream radio hit, “Wondering where the Lions are”. Mr. Cockburn is a favorite musician among other established singer songwriter artists for his guitar mastery and politically aware lyricism.  You will find many notable artists (Patty Griffin, Jonatha Brooks) in vocal supporting roles on quite a few of his recent recordings. Some find his political songs pedantic, and somewhat sopmorphic but I find his voice most resonant when he focuses on the individual narrative within a larger socio-economic geo-political context rather than the generally broad left leaning broad strokes Uber political anthem song. Night Train, a lesser known song, is one of my favorite BC tracks. This may have something to do with the percussive, thumping bass line; perfect for the beginning of a long road trip. Yet there is something viscerally furtive in the lyric.  Decide for yourself. The studio version, is the second of these two videos.