Nirvana Where Did you sleep last night

I chose this video as much for the on stage banter between close friends who happen to comprise the best band alive at that moment as for the unmistakeable Kurt Cobain cigarette growling croon. Who alive at anytime prior or now sounds like Kurt Cobain? When my dad worked at IBM software testing system crashes (he was a software engineer tasked with discovering what combination of software and hardware would cause a Windows system to crash) he played Nirvana’s Nevermind album continuously. System crashes to the soundtrack of my generation.  My father was in his mid-sixties then, now 80 and still talks about how great a singer/songwriter that Kurt Cobain.  Hell yes Dad!



Nirvana time everyone!

Nevermind is a must have for any fan of great American music.   My dad,  the consummate Ella and Frank fan, loves Nevermind.  Now is your chance to listen to the remaster on your device of choice with Apple Music.  
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