Cloud Computing Law Specialization

Queen Mary U of London

This Specialization is intended for anyone interested in understanding the legal rights and obligations of providers and customers of cloud services. Our three Courses cover the key legal and regulatory issues for cloud services, including cloud contracts, data protection law, law enforcement access, and much more! You will learn to describe cloud providers’ and customers’ legal rights, identify and assess legal risks, and suggest possible legal and technological solutions.

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This Cloud Computing Law course is 100% online.   Some may be interested in the University of London Queen Mary campus so we include this video for your entertainment and edification.



Mile End

Mile End is our largest campus. It provides fantastic fantastic facilities and a ready-made community within the bustle of East London. On the Mile End campus video tour, you will visit:

  • The People’s Palace (including Great Hall)
  • The Octagon
  • QMotion (student gym)
  • Library Square and Library
  • Students Union Hub
  • Student Village

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