Wolf Alice – Lipstick On The Glass (Live)

Wolf Alice B&W

Wolf Alice – Lipstick On The Glass (Live) Blue Weekend – Out Now – http://www.wolfalice.co.uk http://vevo.ly/nUugFc




Lipstick on the Glass was our introduction to the Wolf Alice mi·lieu. This extraordinary performance, artfully sound and light mixed, is incandescent. The Alice Wolf experience begins now. The Wolf is at our door, and we willingly let them in. The Wolf is sonically approved. Ellie charms with minimal effort, and the cheap conceit is she is in charge for now. This is not another anglophile candy crush.  This live-to-tape Wolf Alice Lipstick on the Glass video performance is expert.

Ellen Ciara Rowsell (born 19 July 1992) is an English singer-songwriter and musician from North London. She serves as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the Mercury Prize-winning indie rock band Wolf Alice.

Ellie Rowsell, singer, guitar
Joff Odie, Guitar
Theo Ellis, Bass
Joel Amey, Drummer, vocalist
George Barlett, Musician

Jim Beam Welcome Sessions #4 Wolf Alice ‘Lipstick on the Glass’ at Union Chapel


Join Jim Beam in celebrating music’s warmest welcomes, as we reunite top artists with the iconic venues that gave them their warmest welcomes. With one-of-a-kind performances in the world’s most inviting spaces, experience the joy of live music once again, and remember what it feels like to truly belong. WOLF ALICE RETURNS TO UNION CHAPEL We are proud to share our fourth Welcome Session — an extraordinary performance of Wolf Alice’s song, “Lipstick on the Glass.” Shot at Union Chapel (where lead singer Ellie Rowsell sang in the choir growing up), the film is a gesture of reverence to the space as well as a celebration of the live music experience. “We wanted to play ‘Lipstick on the Glass’ for its melodic grandeur that we hope pays homage to the space we are in. It’s a privilege to play here and something we will collectively remember forever” – Ellie Rowsell, Wolf Alice As the live music industry looks to find its footing once again, Wolf Alice’s Welcome Session reminds us of the magic of venues like this — those that create an almost spiritual union between artist and audience. In the words of the band, “This is our love letter to independent venues and the return of live music gigs.”

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Wolf Alice: How Can I Make It Ok? – Live (The Pool Sessions)


Wolf Alice – How Can I Make It Ok? (Live) Joined by Ryan Malcolm & Izzy Bee Phillips From ‘Blue Weekend (Tour Deluxe)’ available now – https://smarturl.it/WABlueWeekendDLX The Last Man On Earth (Lullaby Edition) out now: http://wolfalice.lnk.to/TLMOELullaby Pre-save the Blue Lullaby EP: http://wolfalice.lnk.to/BlueLullaby Blue Weekend – Out Now – http://dirtyh.it/blueweekend #WolfAlice #BlueWeekend #HowCanIMakeItOk

How Can I Make It OK? (Live)


Blue Weekend


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Wolf Alice – Smile (Mercury Prize 2021)


Wolf Alice perform Smile at The Mercury Prize 2021. UK viewers can watch more from the Mercury Prize 2021 on BBC iPlayer


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Wolf Allice Red Rocks Love Island

Wolf Alice live at Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2021


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0:00 Don’t Delete The Kisses 4:48 Smile 7:48 Beautifully Unconventional 10:06 Formidable Cool 14:02 Bros 18:05 The Last Man on Earth 22:26 Giant Peach





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Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend (Film)


Directed by Jordan Hemingway

1.) The Beach – 0:11 2.) Delicious Things – 2:50 3.) Lipstick On the Glass – 8:40 4.) Smile – 12:41 5.) Safe from Heartbreak (If You Never Fall In Love) – 16:21 6.) How Can I Make It OK – 19:29 7.) Play the Greatest Hits – 24:35 8.) Feeling Myself – 27:00 9.) The Last Man On Earth – 31:55 10.) No Hard Feelings – 36:30 11.) The Beach II – 39:04

Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend (Film)

Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice – Delicious Things – Orchestral Version (Amazon Original)

“Delicious Things” was recorded live at Abbey Road. Listen on Amazon here – https://amzn.to/wolfalice ___

Could I belong here? The vibes are kinda strong here The vibes are kinda wrong here Scared to know just what goes on here Some guy has taken me into his garden It seems to be some kind of mountain I’m socially anxious and a long way from home I’ve only just learnt my margarita from a mojito, so Could I belong here? The vibes are kinda strong here Ask me if I’m from here and I won’t say no I won’t say no I’ll give it a go I won’t say no I’ll give it a Shot for the spot at the top A girl like me Would you believe I’m in Los Angeles? This guy asks me where my home is I say, I don’t know it’s Probably where the boy I love and left all on his own is He rolls his eyes and cuts a selfish line of blow He was here, for one thing, if he can’t get it then he’ll go but I don’t care I’m in the Hollywood Hills I’m no longer pulling pints, I’m no longer cashing tills and I’m alive I feel like Marilyn Monroe If you’re all popping pills you know I won’t say no I won’t say no I’ll give it a go I won’t say no I’ll give it a Shot for the spot at the top A girl like me Would you believe I’m in Los Angeles? Don’t lose sight Don’t lose sight The guy from the garden I think his name is Adam He’s in bed here beside me though I think he is a bad man He liked the fact that I play music in a band He is making a movie and the score needs a hand Feel like I’m falling, dreams slowly stalling Extravagance disguised as elegance is boring I don’t belong here Though it really is quite fun here “Hey is mum there? It’s just me I felt like calling” I won’t say no I’ll give it a go I won’t say no I’ll give it a Shot for the spot at the top A girl like me Would you believe I’m in Los Angeles?

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Wolf Alice – The Beach II


Wolf Alice – The Beach II Blue Weekend – Out Now – http://www.wolfalice.co.uk Directed by Jordan Hemingway http://vevo.ly/WVA5MS #WolfAlice #TheBeachII #BlueWeekend



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Songs Played: 00:00 How Can I Make It Ok? 03:41 Smile 06:32 The Last Man on Earth

Wolf Alice perform songs from ‘Blue Weekend’


Watch @Wolf Alice perform three tracks from their latest record ‘Blue Weekend’. Don’t miss Wolf Alice’s full virtual session including an interview about the new record with The Current here: https://youtu.be/RJGRKTjq51M

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