Experience the journey of Durham’s transformation from a weight loss destination to a vibrant, diverse city. When I first arrived in Durham in October 1995, it was a different place altogether. Tobacco leaves filled the air, and the city had yet to embrace its culinary and cultural renaissance.

Back then, Durham was primarily known for the Rice diet and Duke University Health care, drawing in many visitors seeking a healthier lifestyle. The city had its fair share of challenges, with crime casting a shadow over its reputation. Poverty, gang behavior, and the influence of the 85 Corridor brought their fair share of struggles.

But amidst the challenges, I fell in love with Durham. The 27701, with its character and beauty, captured my heart. Working on the 11th floor of the CCB building downtown, I would walk over to the Chapel Hill Street Post Office building every day, crossing paths with fascinating individuals along the way. One memorable character, with a hunched back and a scraggly white beard, would deliver sermons to lucky recipients, including me. It was a unique experience that added to the city’s charm.

Durham’s downtown landscape has evolved significantly since then. Where the Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) now stands, there used to be a bus terminal and a parking lot. The growth of Durham extended far beyond the city center, unlike many other Southern cities. We didn’t just focus on luxury apartment complexes; instead, we fostered a thriving arts and music scene. Jazz, blues, and rock clubs filled the city, providing unforgettable nights of entertainment.

Durham’s identity has flourished over the years. It’s a place where you can catch a Broadway show at DPAC and then indulge in a delicious, value-priced meal at Federal. It’s where Fullsteam Brewery, Motorco’s Parts, and Labor’s Udon Salad are etched into our memories. You can join a yoga class at Patanjalis or engage in lively conversations over coffee at Cocoa Cinnamon. Whole Foods becomes a hub of activity during field hockey games nearby. The East Campus walking trail invites you to jog, bike, or take leisurely strolls on Saturdays. And as the sun sets, you can savor the city’s vibrant nightlife, whether at a rooftop bar or a favorite local spot.

Durham is where you create memories and forge connections. It’s where you may have found your love, a talented guitar teacher, or a beloved yoga instructor. It’s where you witnessed pivotal moments like the Mike Peterson case unfolding. It’s a place where your voice matters, whether you express opinions about affordable housing at a City council meeting or cherish living in a community that values socio-economic diversity.

Durham’s growth is not just about the physical changes but also the thriving spirit that unites us all. Whether you’re a longtime resident or new to the area, Durham’s identity may very well be a reflection of your own. So come, be a part of this remarkable city, and discover what Durham means to you.






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