Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins

Gabriel left Genesis in 1975 and developed a deep interest in world music rhythms and textures, reflected in four eponymous albums (the last, released in 1982, was titled Security for its American release), while songs like “Games Without Frontiers” and “Biko” announced his political convictions. On the heels of Peter Gabriel’s departure from Genesis, Phil Collins came out from behind the drum kit to the front of the band. What did this do? First is the transition. How do you go from art house, Gabriel, to best buddy, Collins? This transition called for subtlety, nuance, and grace. A perfect job for Steve Hackett, who pens, Entangled. One can easily imagine Peter Gabriel singing this superbly written lyric into Magical grace, yet Collins more than manages the complex requirements of this vocal lead, harmony parts included. What is about this orchestral A major key waltz that brings me back to it over and over? Listen along with me and rejoice in the transition called entangled. Mesmerized by a waltz. You are not alone.  Mesmerization is the central theme of the song.  Entanglements are part of every human life form.  Surrender to your illusion of separateness=raise your vibration to universal love.

Richmond, UK Published on August 21, 2022 NIKON CORPORATION, NIKON D3300 Free to use under the Unsplash License

Genesis – Entangled – In Concert 1976


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When you’re asleep they may show youAerial views of the groundFreudian slumber empty of sound
Over the rooftops and housesLost as it tries to be seenFields of incentive covered with green
Mesmerized children are playingMeant to be seen but not heard“Stop me from dreaming!”“Don’t be absurd!”
“Well, if we can help you, we willYou’re looking tired and illAs I count backwardYour eyes become heavier stillSleep, won’t you allow yourself fallNothing can hurt you at allWith your consentI can experiment further still.”
Madrigal music is playingVoices can faintly be heard“Please leave this patient undisturbed.”
Sentenced to drift far away nowNothing is quite what it seemsSometimes entangled in your own dreams
“Well, if we can help you, we willSoon as you’re tired and illWith your consentWe can experiment further stillWell, thanks to our kindness and skillYou’ll have no trouble untilYou catch your breathAnd the nurse will present you the bill!”
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Anthony Banks / Steve Hackett
Entangled lyrics © Imagem Cv, Stephen Hackett Ltd
Genesis with Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, et al

Genesis ~ Entangled ~ A Trick Of The Tail (Remastered 2007)


I recently learned about Kim Poor & her artwork for Genesis & Steve Hackett. This painting, “Sometimes Entangled In Your Own Dreams,” was the inspiration for “Entangled.” There is a book “Called Genesis Lyrics Illustrated By Kim Poor” (1979). Enjoy the full album on my channel:…

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This has to be one of the most beautiful songs that Genesis has written. Full of dreams, emotions, and meaning. Thank you Genesis for the memories…

Andrew Hulson

Keld, Richmond, UK Published on July 13, 2020 Free to use under the Unsplash License To my mind this is the quintessential Swaledale scene. Swaledale sheep grazing, grey barns as far as the eye can see, the curves of the valley, the fields neatly segmented by drystone walls, this scene has it all. Shot from Cloggerby Rigg near Thwaite.

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