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About this Specialization

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Responsive web design is about creating the best user experience regardless of whether a user is accessing your site from a desktop computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet.

This Specialisation covers the basics of modern full-stack web development, from UX design to front-end coding to custom databases. You’ll build foundational skills in a full range of technologies, including HTML/CSS, Javascript, and MongoDB, and you’ll learn to implement a reactive, multi-user web application using the meteor.js framework. We’ll also touch on more advanced topics like APIs, data visualization, and animation.

You will add several projects to your portfolio to demonstrate your skill and growth throughout this Specialisation. You will create web pages using basic elements to control layout and style, use responsive web design principles to take a site from wireframe to website, implement security features, and create collaborative multi-user experiences. Like any professional full-stack web developer, you will build accessibility and usability into your responsive websites.


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