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We have neglected (avoided) writing about Ray LaMontagne until now.  It took, Let it be Me, to stir us emotively awake to this man’s unique gift.   This song has so much universal human truth it would be a sin not to share our enthusiasm for it with you.   Let it be me has been on the recycling loop for over a week on the Durham Cool Juke Box.   Yes, there is church and redemption in this song.  Yes, there is brotherly love, empathy, and humanity.  Let’s not forget the vocal performance, see sublime.


Ray LaMontagne – Let It Be Me (Official Audio)


man in a blue hoodie swweatshirt on an overlook over the ocean. by Pat on Usplash.

Taped 333-feet below ground, deep inside Tennessee's Cumberland Caverns, this 12-part "musical adventure" series features both well-established and top emerging artists within the broad spectrum of Bluegrass, Jamgrass, Roots &Americana genres. Singer/violinist Andrew Bird has brightened the national Alternative scene for more than 15 years. With his unique indie-folk rock and a cameo performance by Tift Merritt, "Danse Caribe" from Episode Two of BLUEGRASS UNDERGROUND Season Three is a brilliant sample from a most unpredictable show (in the best way, of course).

Andrew Bird's "Danse Caribe" on BLUEGRASS UNDERGROUND (PBS)



Danse Caribe lyrics



You were a shameless child
Bandied by stiff cross currents
Anything but mild
Yes and no just simply weren't
Invented yet
Oh yes oh no
Then one day you'd had it
Exiled your close advisers
Ousted your dog-eared rabbits
You're through with pacifiers
You're through with pacifiers now
Here we go mistaking clouds for mountains
Here's the thing that brings the sparrows to the fountains
Here's the thing that makes you run for the highlands
Here we go mistaking clouds for mountains

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Andrew Wegman Bird
Danse Caribe lyrics © Wixen Music Publishing