Experience the Soul-Stirring Melodies of Ray LaMontagne

For far too long, we have inadvertently overlooked the exceptional talent of Ray LaMontagne. But it was his mesmerizing track, “Let it be Me,” that finally awakened our emotions and compelled us to share his profound gift with you. This extraordinary song encapsulates such profound universal truths that it would be a disservice to keep our enthusiasm to ourselves. In fact, “Let it be me” has been on constant replay for over a week on the Durham Cool Juke Box, captivating listeners with its resounding beauty. Prepare to be drawn into the depths of church-like reverence, redemption, and the essence of brotherly love, empathy, and humanity. And let us not overlook the sheer brilliance of Ray LaMontagne’s vocal performance, a true testament to his unparalleled artistry. It’s time to experience the sublime.


Ray LaMontagne – Let It Be Me (Official Audio)


man in a blue hoodie swweatshirt on an overlook over the ocean. by Pat on Usplash.