A mid life Appreciation for Larry Bird.


Growing up in a New York Knicks household, I was not a big Bird (pun intended) fan. The college years and on-court rivalry with Magic were captivating, but Larry always played for the opposing team. Respect was earned quickly for his mastery of the game. I admire his basketball IQ, competitiveness, and full-court 20-20 vision.

Much love for the newly discovered by me, YouTube channel, BTM Basketball Time Machine for reinvigorating my love for the sport of basketball and appreciation for the old school greats like Larry Bird. Notice the Boston Celtic Green background (#007A33) out of respect for Larry Bird.  That is a very strong concession from a lifelong Knicks supporter like this author.  Anyone serious about the sport and game of basketball must give Larry Bird great respect for his love and chess master wisdom of the game.


A complete retrospective on Larry Bird’s career. Bird a unanimous Top 10 Player of All Time who has become surprisingly underrated despite being one of the games greatest clutch shot makers, and trash talkers of all time. I compiled a ton of stories and moments that will remind you of how great Larry Legend was. Hope you enjoyed the video.

NBA Legends Explain Why Pistol Pete Was Better Than Everyone

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Pistol Pete Maravich driving in the lane for the New Orleans Jazz
Pete Maravich playing for LSU short range jumper shot

The Night of Pistol Pete – Maravich drops 68 points on the Knicks [HD]

42 years ago, on February 25, 1977, Pete Maravich scored 68 against the New York Knicks, setting an NBA record for most points by a guard.

Pete Maravich, better known as Pistol Pete – was one of the best NBA players of the 70s, a dribbling magician, an outstanding shooter, and arguably the greatest NCAA player ever.

Pete was playing a brand of basketball 40 years ahead of his time – and players today can’t even do some of the stuff the Pistol did in the 70s.

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The Best of Pistol Pete Maravich

“Pistol” Pete Maravich (The Innovator of Showmanship) NBA Legends

“Pistol” Pete Maravich, The forgotten magician, was at least 25 years ahead of his time. He was a basketball prodigy, the greatest scorer in NCAA history! 44.2 pts 6.4 rebs 5.1 ast with no 3pt line! those numbers are just f**kin mind-boggling…averaged 24.2 pts, 4.2 rebs, 5.4 ast for his NBA Career, and is arguably the best passer and ball handler of all time. This dude was a problem! and it isn’t brought up enough in barber shop talk Pistol is quite unappreciated in my book. He was the first white male to be offered a million-dollar contract by The Harlem Globetrotters…Pete could’ve been top 5 of all time in a better structure, and if his demons didn’t get the best of him at key stages of his life, he died at the very young age of 40 due to a bad heart he wasn’t even supposed to make it past 12 years old, so that has to add to his mystic…Pistol fathered a lot of things you see to this very day. He was Showtime before Showtime