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Introducing Oliver Anthony’s Rich Men from Richmond, an exceptional song that brilliantly diverges from the commercial sound typically associated with Nashville. With its genuine and unfiltered delivery, this song deeply resonates with listeners, making it a favorite among conservatives who have embraced it as their cherished working man ballad. Despite Anthony’s own politics falling right down the center line, he fearlessly calls out fake populist politicians, utilizing his music as a powerful expression of frustration and resistance. Experience the undeniable charm of Rich Men from Richmond and witness firsthand why it has become a rallying cry for those seeking authentic, non-extremist voices in the realm of music.

Whatever the genuine musical appeal of Anthony’s song, it broke into the news and the culture in part because of its strong political message. However, in a video posted the day before Rich Men dropped, Anthony said: “I sit pretty dead centre on politics”. Since the viral success of his track, he has not been giving interviews and did not respond to a request from BBC Culture for comment.

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Rich Men North of Richmond represents the image of the rural, put-upon white working-class hero

Oliver Anthony LIVE at Morris Farm Market (Aug 13, 2023)


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