It is readily apparent we love music on Durham Cool. Did you know we also love tech gear? Have you noticed the affinity we have for the most innovative new tech? Now we partnered with PositiveGrid/ a team of sound designers, programmers, engineers, researchers and musicians working together at the forefront of music technology. We know both the amateur and the professional guitarist will love PositiveGrid’s innovative tech solutions!

spark control foot petal
Customizable, future-proof wireless control for the Spark amp and app.

Spark Control goes beyond traditional foot controllers with an expanding library of innovative features and functions. No complicated setups. No cables are required.


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Spark Go Ultra Portabl eSmart GUitar AMp and bluetooth Speaker




Nothing short of brilliant.

Ultra-portable Smart Guitar Amp & Bluetooth® Speaker

Jaw-dropping, room-filling sound with advanced acoustics powered by computational audio. Seamless integration with Spark App. Bluetooth speaker, audio interface, rechargeable battery, and headphone/line out.


Spark GO: Ultra-Portable Smart Guitar Amp & Bluetooth® Speaker

Jaw-dropping, room-filling sound with advanced acoustics powered by computational audio. Seamless integration with Spark App. Bluetooth speaker, audio interface, rechargeable battery, and headphone/line out.

Play whenever and wherever you feel like it with this app-supercharged tiny beast.

María Elena, María Elena, Chile Published on August 7, 2020 FUJIFILM, X-T3 Free to use under the Unsplash License Rock in the middle of nowhere

FENDER Just Released These AMAZING Guitars


00:00 Introduction 01:35 The History of the Jazzmaster 04:18 The History of the P-Bass 07:42 A Dream Come True

Fender – American Vintage II…


Get Studio Quality Recording with the RIFF Audio Interface at! Limited Time Offer!





Your new home rig is supercharged.

RIFF has everything you need for playing, recording, and practicing guitar. A best-in-class interface with pristine audio converters and a direct mode for zero latency, RIFF includes a crisp display housed in a rugged metal body. Connect it to BIAS FX 2 software for a dream power rig packed with amazing tone and versatility.



Spark Pearl practice amp from Positive Grid

We’re excited to bring back the dazzling Spark Pearl to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

With snowy white Tolex trimmed with gold piping and contrast stitched custom strap, Spark Pearl delivers the warm, full tone, and all of the smart features – Smart Jam, Auto Chords, and over 10,000 tones.

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Positive Grid Introduces Spark MINI – a Smart, Battery-Powered Guitar Amp & Bluetooth® Speaker with Multi-Dimensional Sound. A mind-blowing portable powerhouse, Spark MINI delivers innovative smart guitar playing and personalized music listening to go. Plus all-new Smart Jam, video creation, custom colors, and more.

Spark MINI inherits all the same interactive, smart features of Spark 40 – Positive Grid’s #1 best-selling smart guitar practice amp now played by over 300,000 worldwide – in a smaller, go-anywhere package. Simply plugin and play with Spark MINI’s easy-to-use onboard control knobs, jam along with any song, and use the free accompanying Spark app to discover a world of custom tone creation and smart features.

Easy-to-use knobs and the free Spark smart app encourage anyone who’s ever wanted to learn to play the guitar. The app engages with users in real-time to help them learn to play songs more easily; it provides a virtual backing band for them to play with, and even lets them share their performance with the world.

With a long-life rechargeable battery (up to 8 hours of use), Spark MINI can transform any setting into a personal creative space. Use it to stream music, podcasts, and any form of audio from a computer or mobile device, or pick up a guitar and learn a song or jam along. Its compact size, timeless aesthetic, and sturdy build make it ideal for use at home, work, on the go, and in any setting.

BEST PRACTICE AMP EVER?! 10, 000+ Tones! | Positive Grid Spark Amp Demo


Hey guys! Today I have an awesome new guitar amp to demo for you! I’m so impressed with all the things that this little amp can do! Head on over to the Positive Grid website for more information 🙂 

Spark – How To Use Spark for Acoustic Guitar

We had all of you acoustic players in mind when creating Spark, and the amp has lots of features that are certain to make your acoustic guitar shine. Check out Roy Ziv’s tutorial on using Spark with acoustic guitar


nathan-dumlao-electric guitar-unsplash

I finally tried the SPARK amp by Positive Grid and I dig it!


This is the wireless system I use in every video: Guitar stands that I use & trust!: (Above are affiliate links – if you click on one of them and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission with no added cost to you. This helps fund the channel. Thank you for your trust & support!)


Positive Grid
BIAS FX 2 Elite

An award-winning amp-and-effects processor that turns your computer into a fully customizable guitar and bass rig.

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Row of electric guitars in shop by Mohrez Labaf

Introducing The Pro Series Studio Plug-Ins


Positive Grid, creator of the best-selling BIAS Amp and BIAS FX guitar amp processors, today announced the launch of the Pro Series Studio Plug-ins – a series of extremely high-quality audio FET, Tube, and Optical compressors that introduces profiling and component-based compression for the first time ever in a plug-in. With Positive Grid’s DSP engineering and component level modeling expertise, it is now possible to accurately reproduce the many subtle nuances of classic and modern analog studio gear right down to the component level.

Published on November 25, 2019 Canon, EOS 1200D Free to use under the Unsplash License Fender Telecaster wallpaper

BiasFX 2 Tutorial [Part 1/2] Creating a tone from scratch


BiasFX 2: Using the Looper & Guitar match – Tutorial [Part 2/2]

Hi there! Did a Lil tutorial on BiasFX 2 which came out earlier this year. In this video, I’m just going over how to use the new looper feature and guitar match; how to profile your guitar and emulate different guitar models. I’m using the BiasFX 2 Elite version in this video, but the same principles apply to the other BiasFX licenses (standard and pro).

Positive Grid

**NOTE at 02:22 I noticed after posting the video that I say “we’re just left with an amp & ahead” a couple of times; I did mean to say head & cab but I had a brain fart (maybe cause i had to make this video in 2 different languages and English is not my native tongue! 😛) So yeah; head/amp and cab NOT amp & head lol. Sorry if I confused anyone. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ // Hi! In this video, I’m quickly going over how i create a clean tone from scratch using the available heads, cabs, and effects.

Part 2: Looper and Guitar Match:

I hope this was useful and thanks for watching! 🙂 Video en ESPAÑOL-…