Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, two intelligent, clearly stoned dudes analyzing Louis C.K.’s stand-up routines on a variety of topics other than the giant ELEPHANT in the room, ME-TOO.
What did Louis C.K. do? Did he impose himself on intrinsically subordinate female comedians by disrobing and masturbating in front of them without their consent? Was the consent barely implied based on the victim’s fear of losing reputation, a career ascent concern due to the unbalanced power differential? Yes and Yes to both. Many have excused his abusive, lousy behavior because he did not touch his victims. What he did was abuse the immense power and respect he had in the entertainment industry and comedy club hierarchy. Did Louis C.K. publicly and or privately apologize to his accusers? Yes, publicly, but we can only conjecture whether he apologized privately. Has Louis C.K suffered as a result of these public allegations? YES, most definitely. Have his victims suffered? The answer is yes.
Do we give up Louis C.K. until he does some public METOO retribution? It would be beneficial to him and good for the male/female comity. Do we have a right to enjoy Louis C.K.’s comic brilliance and uncanny human insight? I vote that we do have a right and, in fact, a duty to explore his complete body of work.
Louis C.K. has no right to masturbate before anyone other than his reflection in a mirror for the rest of this incarnation. Louis C.K. has a moral, legal, and ethical duty to treat his colleague’s subordinates professionally with respect, dignity, and kindness.

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