Jaco Pastorius was a maestro of the electric bass. Fluid and dynamic, he made his bass sing with sinewy shamanic algorithms, sepentlike lines that ran sotto narritvo under, over, behind the high hat and the soprano soaring Joni altissimo. Here is a small taste of the Joni and Jaco on stage chemistry. BTW: Pat Matheney on guitar, no sloach himself.

My favorite Joni Mitchell and Jaco selections for you

My early exposure to Joni Mitchell was, Judy Collins cover of Joni’s, Both Sides Now song. Many years later I discovered the perfect all the way thru masterpiece, Blue. Some artists release their most impactful work early in their career, before the industry makes their mark. Think of Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks, now listen to Joni Mitchell’s Blue. I promise you if you enjoyed the River video above you will love Blue. These cds are available to you by clicking the covers below. when you click on a selection below you will be safely and securely transferred to Amazon to either fulfill the purchase and or browse and make another selection. Amazon and Durham Cool websites have the security certificates of SSL (please notice the https secure domain lock whenever you are asked to purchase or share your confidential information).