The Electoral College is almost finished and mostly all goes as expected. Many held a breath of hope, that 37 would stand against the will of their party and standing therein to vote their conscience. Imagine the courage it would take for you to take a principled stand against your community and peers. Call it your “hero” moment to stand against tyrrany. Alexander Hamilton is widely quoted, due in no small part to the resonate musical of same name, as the author of the Electoral College and elector duty.
What if you genuinely held hope in your heart that Trump was an agent for change and this vote was your act of duty and bravery in the face of an onslought of letters imploring you do vote for the national popular vote winner? What if this vote was a way to stick it to those….?
Easy for the armchair philosopher to weigh in with an opinion. Some of us are born with an innate sense of Justice and this candidate feels so wrong in every sense of the word.
Some of us are beaten down once again by the confirmation of someone who labeled us less than, other, different, criminal, “not white”.

Many are relieved to get back to busines as usual. What is usual in a Post Trump world?

What to do in a post Trump world? My suggestion: Work your self silly in a cause that helps others and makes you wealthy with love, happiness!