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This new track by Patty griffin, River is worthy of your attention. I listened to this track via Amazon music yesterday four times in a row. The repetition was necessary as the lyric is enigmatic and deep. River is a song that captures the full primal intensity of an individual in my life. This person may read this article and see themselves in the song. More likely many of you will listen to this track and see yourself in this song.

“River” from Patty Griffin’s forthcoming self-titled album to be released March 8th via PGM / Thirty Tigers.

Living with Ghosts

Rifling through a box of old photos and books I came across an original copy of Patty Griffin ‘s Living with Ghosts.  This recording is such an outstanding assemblage  of emotive narratives of loss, romance, breakups, emanating from this beautiful petite woman with a superhuman vocal eminence.  Watch these videos to bring you alive and in the moment.  Her voice is incomparable.

Catch her live sometime and listen to her gospel songs. Each song on this release is gospel to honest ears.

I updated this Patty Griffin post after listening to “You’re Not Alone” on a rainy night drive home to Durham. Listen to these beautiful lyrics and tell me with a straight face that this is not one of the most emotively beautiful songs you have ever heard?

Stream Patty Griffin at home or in your car!