Don't Give Up

“Don’t Give up” is a profoundly inspirational, uplifting song for me. I loved the original studio version, featuring Kate Bush, yet I enjoyed the Paula Cole duet on Secret World Live after watching the video. I love the secret world lineup so much that I watch YouTube videos regularly. There is such great chemistry and apparent ca·ma·ra·de·rie on this tour. I highly recommend purchasing the Secret World video from Amazon Instant, as I will today.

CR’s Take




OnePlus Buds Pro Headphone

This wireless Bluetooth model from OnePlus delivers very good sound quality and active noise reduction, combining elements of in-ear and earbud earphones. These earphones have an isolating design and an ambient sound monitoring feature; they will provide some muffling and electronic canceling of external noises and reduce the amount of sound that escapes from the earpieces. As such, they are best for those who want highly portable earphones that reduce the noise they hear from their surroundings or don’t want the sound from the earpieces to disturb others.