Pho and Poke

Pho and Poke review

By Scott.Carle


Here in Durham we have a few choices for Vietnamese food and I’m glad to say that if you live in West Durham or near Duke or downtown …you don’t have to travel far anymore. At 2816 Erwin Road # 207 on the front side of the building facing Erwin Road is Pho and Poke. Our friend Thai and his wife run this casual little gem ( that was previously occupied by Chai’s Noodles ). I go to this building / complex often. There is Sushi Love, the wonderful Don Marcelo’s, the delicious Nosh, Black Twig Cider and Enzo’s Pizza here at the corner of Erwin and LaSalle…and NOW there is Vietnam food AND poke bowls. The pho is great…they prepare and cook the broth for 12 to 18 hours I’m told…and it proves to be excellent. They offer chicken , beef or tofu along with your noodles, cilantro, mint, peppers…you can’t go wrong. Hoisin and/or hot sauce is not needed but it can enhance your soup. Everything is super fresh.

The bun is also a favorite of many. Cold vermicelli noodles with lemongrass pork/ chicken/ spring rolls / tofu topped with cucumber, lettuce, fish sauce. Love it. I have been here multiple times on a mission to go through the entire menu. They also offer a very good banh mi sandwich. It starts with the bread on this one and they do it right. Pork , pickled carrot, cilantro, jalapeno’s on that toasted baguette. Oh yes. Highly recommended.

They also offer specials: pork chop with broken rice…a traditional Vietnamese dish.
A seafood and pork noodle soup and also a vegetarian noodle soup. And on Saturdays you can get the crepes….Vietnamese pancakes. So special and so delicious. Crisp flour crepes filled usually w/ pork, shrimp and sprouts….cut them into slices like pizza, wrap them in lettuce along w/ other leaves…and dip into the sauce. I used to have to go to Lang Van in Charlotte for these ! Now right here in the neighborhood. The crepes may be messy but they are outstanding.

Pho and poke also have dumplings, spring rolls and fresh summer rolls. YUM.
And let’s not forget the poke bowls. You choose your rice or greens or quinoa and top it with your choice of proteins and sauces, masago, onions, seaweed, edamame, chili flakes, dressings, etc, etc. They have signature bowls or you can create your own. For more on that take a look at the menu :
Excellent combos and again, very fresh.

Don’t overlook the boba teas, the fresh lemonade and the strong and flavorful Vietnamese ICE COFFEE !! It’s really all good here. I enjoy the casual atmosphere where you order at the counter and they bring it out to you. The staff is nice and especially the owners. Being close to campus and to Duke Hospital is going to be a good thing…for the students and hospital staff. I can’t wait till the word gets out. Here at we like to let people know about the more unknown places. Pho and Poke is worthy and for me and many friends a repeat “go to ” — they really do care about the quality and flavor. There really is something here for just about everyone. When you need that slice of Saigon or taste of Hanoi please consider Pho and Poke. Rat ngon ! :):)

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