Pie on plate with beer next

We all know there is something superhuman about Sarah Foster. The people at Fosters Market have been feeding me and my children for 20 years out of an old lawn mower repair shop on Chapel Hill Boulevard.

I’ve known for a long time that a piece of chocolate chess pie and a cup of coffee shared with my daughter could repair any current argument in the household. And there have been times in my life when it seems quite literally the granola fruit yogurt bowl has kept me alive.

Foster’s Market



But I never knew that Fosters Market had a soothsayer prognosticator crystal ball quality to it. Until recently, that is, sitting over my usual breakfast fare, sharing an hour with a friend who began what could have turned into a conversation about the two of us being brave and exploring a latent “romantic” interest. Can someone please come up with a better word?

And suddenly a visual pictorial slideshow of all the reasons why one or both of us would end up hurt and disappointed flashed against the old doors and window frames hanging on the walls.

It was so distracting I could only respond to this lovely person by changing the subject to the weather, how business had picked up since Duke is in season, the NC legislature.

You, know, “romantic” stuff. Stuff that says “Heck yeah, I’m ready to see where this goes.”

My propensity to deal with anxiety by changing out of my big girl clothes and into my adorable youngest child of 6, “look, mom, no hands” suit is unprecedented. While typically entertaining to my audience, not real or vulnerable or honest at all. Flash flood scenes of him growing tired of my talkativeness and silly sense of humor, me finding him too removed, too guarded, too serious. My family was working-class, conservative, and awkward around highly intelligent people, his disappointed that I had been to one baseball game in my life. And that was for the beer. And don’t even get me started on how disappointed his family would be with me (and keep in mind I do not know one thing about his family). But this is how I do this life.

As my son says, I have the eulogy written if you are 5 minutes late.

Prepare for the worst…hope for the best…but, did I mention, prepare for the worst? In typical Broderick O’Laughlin style, my people dance a jig at the wake. Exuberant joy in the face of death. But always death, endings, ever-present.

My fear may have squashed this budding possibility right there at Foster’s Market, or perhaps I will be granted a do-over. We shall see. But in the rhythm of my life here in Durham, Foster’s Market, along with my propensity to adorably deflect, will endure. I wonder if he noticed.

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