Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday


Dearest Supporters,

We have a big announcement and a BIG ASK this #givingtuesday! 

Over the last decade, you have helped The Pureland Project reach thousands of Tibetans across the plateau.  The gratitude we accept from communities on behalf of our donors is immense. The significance of your impact cannot be overstated, you are changing lives for the better!

It is with deep joy that we announce a new initiative to support Garchen Rinpoche’s communities in Tibet: Garchen Institute Tibet.  Last year Rinpoche entrusted the large shedra building in Gargon to The Pureland Project. It will become a legacy project and help sustain Rinpoche’s home community for years to come!


Rinpoche chose the name, the same as his space in Arizona—Garchen Institute— with the intent that this sister center acts to expand learning and knowledge of the dharma. His students and followers will have a space to visit and further their practice, deep in the heart of Tibet. It is our goal to strengthen, sustain, and share the meaningful traditions of mindfulness, healing, arts, adventure, eco-literacy, and language from this sacred space.
Over the next 9 months, we have ambitious fundraising goals. In addition to donations, we will use operations of our social enterprise, Pureland Travels, to continue to sustain the many schools, clinics, and communities we have supported for years.

We have a number of incentives along the way to acknowledge your generosity!  We hope to connect with donors of all varieties in order to help us reach our goal. With your help, we can begin hosting local courses and international retreats next spring. Listed below are gifts following the eight precious symbols. 

Parasol donor:

$36,320~a new roof for the entire building—a week of retreat in Tibet (optional time in Yeshe Tsogyal’s cave) with translated guidance by a retreat master of Gar community. (1 available)

Treasure Vase donor:

$28,000~interior and exterior painting of the building—1 spot on a 2020 Tibet tour of your choice including domestic travel, room and board (international airfare not included). (1 available)


Conch donor:

$6,000~outfits one computer lab to provide courses for the local communities—one week of room and board at Garchen Institute Tibet. (1 available)


Dharma Wheel donor:

$4,300~outfitting of a simple temple in the Institute—blessed Jigden Sumgon statue. (1 available)



Pureland Project promotes physical and spiritual well-being through recognizing human interdependent relationship with nature. We leverage best practices to support Tibetan nomads in Tibet and spread their wisdom to the Western world. Our aspiration is to support sustainable living practices in Tibet & the Americas utilizing the ancient Buddhist principles of Purblind Meditation.

Who We Are:

The seed for The Pureland Project was planted in 2005 when Meg Ferrigno moved to Tibet to serve Garchen Rinpoche’s school projects. In speaking with the fellow teachers and villagers they formed the ideas for the project. In 2011 The Pureland Project was granted 501c3 status and in 2012 Ahimsa House opened its doors in Philadelphia.​

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche is a highly realized Tibetan Buddhist master from Nangchen, Tibet. After spending 20 in prison during the cultural revolution, he was brought to America to establish a center in Arizona. In 1998 upon his return to his homeland, Rinpoche built four schools at the request of the villagers. Rinpoche has dedicated his life for the benefit of all beings.Rinpoche encourages his students to donate to his Tibetan homeland through the pureland project.








On this sacred full moon day that commemorates the Buddhas birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana (death), we are sending prayers for your wellbeing and happiness.

Today in Tibet is a special day for remembering the practices of wisdom, discipline, diligence, generosity, patience, and meditative concentration. I am blessed to be in Gargon, at Garchen Rinpoche’s monastery to celebrate this holiday and offer prayers with the community. You are all included in our prayers. I have distributed the annual salaries to our teachers, cooks, doctors, and elders, all of whom keep you in their prayers, especially on these holy days.

Thank you all for your kindness.

Love from the Pureland,

Pureland Project

Sagwa Dawa Tashi Delek Shu