Tyler Childers – Nose On The Grindstone | OurVinyl Sessions


We are excited to present Tyler Childers from Paintsville, Kentucky performing his song “Nose On The Grindstone”, which so far is not on any of his released albums. This live performance was filmed in Oceanway Studios on Music Row in Nashville

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Tyler Childers cartoon

Putting the “Real” back in Country Lyrics where it belongs


Have you noticed the return to quality in Country Music and the larger tent of Americana Music over the last 10 years?  Could this be an awakening in the broad music listening public for quality and “verisimilitude.”?



the appearance of being true or real.

  1. “the detail gives the novel some verisimilitude”

    realismbelievability, plausibilityauthenticitycredibilitylifelikeness

    the verisimilitude of her performance is gripping”

    The insipid state of mainstream commercial Contemporary music on Country Radio and TV?  Could this have something to do with the Corporate mainstream music mafia or is it really our collective unconscious fault? Do we respond reflexively to the onslaught of Corporate advertisements disguised as Country Pop because we are conditioned to do so or do we listen because of an internal apathy (see one and the same)?

    Time to stand up for quality and vote with your concert choices and streaming selections.    Do some of us have honing mechanisms for the “real” thing that screen out the Corporate speak?    I believe so and the Youtube numbers bear this out.   Durham Cool chose these two artists for their obvious Artistry and we are not alone. Tyler Childers has docked up  7,251,819 views for White House Road-Vinyl sessions and Colton Wall is at a very respectable 2,113,136 views for his Brewery Sessions-“Sleeping on the Blacktop” video.   

    Some friends and family have the audacity to ask, how could you like Yo-Yo Ma, Bill Withers, Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Leilani Wolfgramm, Little Stranger, the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Tift Merritt, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Tyler Childers?  If you find yourself poised to ask the same, do me the favor of listening to these tracks first and tell me that this is not Great American music just like Bill Withers, Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, et al.    A long time ago,  a wise teacher counseled me to listen to music with Beginner’s mind, rather than expert’s mind (1)

    Tyler is a great songwriter.  Prolific similar to another ALT country singer songwriter we all know well from Jacksonville, NC.  Feathured Indians is a great love song by any measure.  Listen to this track with your heart open to its simple beauty.

    (1) Shunryu Suzuki, in his classic book, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, tells us that in the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few. Certainly, this statement is a simple and true perspective. A beginner, not knowing much of anything about the subject at hand and forced to make decisions, may look at many possibilities. An expert, given a certain circumstance, will have thoughts pouring down a funnel of experience and/or education framing his or her thoughts.

Tyler Childers – House Fire & Whitehouse Road Live

Tyler Childers on the Mt. Hood Stage, Pickathon 2019

The Pickathon Music Festival is an annual three-day music festival located just outside of Portland, Oregon, in Happy Valley on the Pendarvis Farm. Occurring every August since 1999, the festival has featured a variety of artists and genres including Indie, Rock, Rap, Folk, and Bluegrass.

Timothy Tyler Childers is an American singer and songwriter. His music is a mix of neotraditional country, bluegrass, and folk. He released his breakthrough album Purgatory in August 2017.

Tyler Childers on Front Porch rail by David McClister

Tyler Childers – Full Performance | OurVinyl Sessions

We are excited to present Tyler Childers (from Paintsville, Kentucky) performing his full OurVinyl session, which includes the songs “Nose on the Grindstone”, “White House Road” and “Follow You to Virgie”. This live performance was filmed at Oceanway Studios on Music Row in Nashville.

0:00​ Nose on the Grindstone
3:10​ White House Road
7:28​ Follow You to Virgie

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Tyler Childers – Tyler Childers: Reimagined


A behind-the-scenes look at reimagined versions of “Lady May” and a full performance of “Creeker” in the studio with BTS stories.






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Tyler Childers
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Tyler Childers with Town Mountain “Down Low” LIVE in 4k @ Red Rocks Amphitheater (Morrison, CO)


I filmed/put this up for Tyler/Town Mountain for free – if you could SUBSCRIBE to this channel, I’d really appreciate it! You can reach Master Swa at TheMasterSwa@gmail.com and Town Mountain at TownMountain.net

Tyler Childers on Front Porch rail by David McClister

Tyler Childers – Don’t Touch Me

Tyler Childers covering “Don’t Touch Me” by Jeannie Sealy at Pickathon.

Tyler Childers – “Out On A Drunk/Honky Tonk Flame” – Radio Bristol Sessions


Watch Tyler Childers performing this medley that begins with an unreleased song titled “Out On A Drunk” and closes with “Honky Tonk Flame”, a tune from his latest record, Purgatory.




You can’t fake this kind of real music. This one is as good as anything Waylon and Willie. Hits you square in your real American heart.

NPR tiny studio with Tyler Childers

Tyler Childers - Nose On The Grindstone | OurVinyl Sessions


Tyler Childers

Brewery Sessions - Colter Wall - "Sleeping on the Blacktop"




Tyler Childers – Nashville Residency at The Basement Night 1

1 Rock Salt and Nails
2 Onedia
3 Nose To The Grindstone
4 Bottles & Bibles
5 Tattoos
6 Honky Tonk Flame
7 Fraulein
8 Banded Clovis
9 22nd Winter
10 Heart of Stone
11 Born Again
12 Ginseng
13 Purgatory
14 Old Country Church w/Miles Miller
15 Rank Stranger (Miles Miller)
16 Angel Band w/Miles Miller
17 Lady May
18 Follow You To Virgie
19 Hard Times
20 Feathered Indian
21 Comin Down
22 Deadman’s Curve
23 Fake Bouquet
24 A Song While You Were Away
25 Help Me Make It Through The Night
26 Time Of The Preacher
27 Dreadheaded Stranger/Blue Eyes Crying
28 Lost Address
29 Universal Sound
30 Take My Hounds To Heaven
31 Charleston Girl
32 Rocks and Relics
33 I Swear (To God)
34 That Thing You Said
35 If Whiskey Could Talk

The Basement – Nashville, TN 9.11.17

Tyler Childers “Reuben’s Train” into “House Fire” Live at House of Blues Boston, MA on Dec 10, 2019


Tyler Childers “Reuben’s Train” Jam into “House Fire”, from Tyler’s 2019 album “Country Squire”. Live at House of Blues Boston, MA on December 10, 2019. Tyler Childers’ band, The Food Stamps, features Rod Elkins on drums, James Barker on pedal steel, Craig Burletic on bass, and Jesse Wells on guitar and fiddle.