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I was introduced to Brendan by a trusted mutual friend.   Knowing that my Online business needed professional assistance, Brendan turned out to be the perfect person for my business need. So many online business owners today are inundated with SEO SEM and affiliate solutions that promise the moon and deliver cheese instead. Even if your business delivery model is primarily brick and mortar you have a virtual presence by sheer necessity today.  All business owners are beset with offers that promise to make your business #1 in every virtual hemisphere.   It is difficult to know who the real professionals are in this “used car salesman like” virtual world.

Brendan is the real deal, a true professional with the credentials and experience that make a difference to your business growth and prosperity.    I found Brendan’s insight into my online business insightful, truly helpful and most of all thoughtful.   There is no one I have found with more integrity and less hype than Brendan.  I endorse Brendan, without reservation and the highest confidence you will be treated well.

Do you wish your website was producing more leads, customers, and revenue? Do you wish you were ranking higher up on Google than your competitors are? Did you pay thousands of dollars for a pretty website, but yet no one knows it exists?

Here at the Raleigh SEO Company, we’ve been ranking websites #1 on the search engines since 1998. We’re a local trusted partner that guarantees results.

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Brendan Monahan got his start search engine optimizing eCommerce websites back in 1998 when Yahoo was the #1 search engine online. Since then, he has successfully brought over 500,000 web pages to the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. His team of highly trained SEO experts have brought in millions of dollars in new revenue for the companies they’ve worked with. Mr. Monahan oversees all aspects of the Raleigh SEO Company and takes an active role in working with each and every client.




100% Real Customer Testimonials

Did you know that many SEO and Online Marketing firms simply fabricate their customer testimonials? As you can see on my LinkedIn profile, our Yelp page and on our Facebook page, our testimonials are 100% real. Here’s what a few business owners have said about our work:


The Raleigh SEO Company provides SEO in Raleigh, North Carolina. We help companies like Duke Medicine get found online and chosen over their competitors. Contact us to have your website search engine optimized.