Jeff Lynne at Wembley

Jeff Lynne is here today with a purpose. We have, until now, not written about him individually, separate from his voluminous collaborative output. Now is the time to dive into the pieces of Jeff Lynne, including solo work, E.L.O., and the Travelling Wilburys. Why Jeff Lynne today, and why now? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performance of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” article with Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, and Prince reappeared this week due to a positive showing on Google Analytics. You have Google Analytics to thank for this deep dive into the artist known as Jeff Lynn. We have Prince’s guitar solo to thank for Jeff Lynne’s appearance on Durham Cool.  Jeff Lynne is a composer, extraordinary visionary musician-workaholic creator-better to describe him as a flow creator-always creating. Ideal human. Influenced by the best-commencing with the Beatles, he has alchemized periods of popular music into new orchestral brilliant music. 

You know the hits, too numerous to mention here and quickly found on Wiki. Regardless we include our favorites within this article. You have come to rely on us, and we deliver. Do you know who Jeff Lynne is? You know his music always plays on F.M. college and mainstream radio. Jeff Lynne’s biggest influences are Del Shannon, Roy Orbison, and the Beatles, according to Tom Petty. When you listen to Jeff’s music, you can hear the wisdom of Petty’s qualified assessment. Why would you turn away from the priceless knowledge of Tom Petty? I need to remind you that we are talking about Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne. What can we add to the already abundant public thought on Jeff Lynne? It’s time for us to show him the respect he deserves and the respect he has given to many of our Pop music progenitors: Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Del Shannon, Roy Orbison, and Solo George Harrison.