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Bahamas is the moniker for singer/songwriter/guitar virtuoso Afie Jurvanen. Afie isn’t from the Bahamas. He’s a Finnish-Canadian from Barrie–a working class town in rural Ontario.The Bahamas (band), the Canadian groove sensation from the Great White North is an essential listen.   We discovered this artist thanks to the overwhelming enthusiasm for the same from the guitar teacher, YouTube host, Michael Palmisano.

The history of the band may be culled from Wiki. Here we focus on the vibe.   The Vibe for the Bahamas is in the D.C. sweet spot. Let’s see if the tight harmonies and gentle rhythm have enough to sustain.

This year’s significant music discovery is the Bahamas, the ongoing project of Canadian singer-songwriter-guitarist Afie Jurvanen. The Bahamas (band) teeters between folk, rock, and pop, recorded and produced with a burnished sheen, occasionally moody like Bon Iver but mostly more upbeat and sometimes downright joyous. Jurvanen’s voice is soft and sweet and authoritative, his lyrics wry and poetic, his songwriting poignant and intelligent. The Bahamas Is Afie, his third release and first on Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records label, came out earlier this year. Alfie is a creator of mood and vibe and an accomplished singer-songwriter and guitarist.  

For his main guitar, Afie has been using a Silvertone Jupiter.


“Afie plays a 1960s Silvertone Jupiter and has for a while. At some point, he seems to have gutted the thing in favor of just a neck position pickup and an output jack. There is no need for those pesky potentiometers and pickup selectors to degrade the signal.”

-True Vintage Article

Equipboard Explanation

Amp-wise, Bahamas uses a custom Tex Bernie amplifier, built by Toronto amp maker Anthony Teixeira. “Typically I don’t tour with a bass player so I like amps that are a little clean,” he says. “He made those Bernie amps and it was a little too fuzzy for my liking, so he made me this [custom] one and that’s what I play the most.” As of October of 2014, Bahamas has also been using a new Magnatone Twilighter on tour.

Bahamas – Earthtones (Full Live Concert)

Sunset at beach

Hold me, plain tee
Desert boots and white jeans, so clean
Old ways, long days
Lost inside my own maze, manmade
My own timezone
Life lived through some smartphone, full grown
Clean life, ex wife
Treats me like some dull knife
That ain’t right
My privilege is done
I don’t know that I can make a difference
My privilege is done
I don’t know that I can make a difference
Old pain, no name
It’s not hard to lay blame, blame game
Way back, white black
How’d we get so sidetracked?
There’s no slack
Lives crush, your sweet touch
Ignorant of so much, as hates clutch
Unfair, my share
Is this just class warfare?
Our fare share?
White privilege is dark
I don’t know that I can make a difference
White privilege is dark
I’ve always thought love can make a difference
My life, off white
Brought up by my own type, ain’t right
First-class, near passed
A life lived through some wine glass
That’s so crass
New me, I’m so free
Free from all my history
There’s no mystery
Sure love, no love
That’s what we’re in need of, real love

Bahamas (aka Afie Jurvanen) sits down to debut some tracks off his new album Earthtones. He reveals why he chose D’Angelo’s band to play on the new record and talks about why he uses music as a form of therapy.

Bahamas:: Full Liveset Session from SXSW


Bahamas is the solo project of Toronto-based guitarist Afie Jurvanen who has shared the stage with both Wilco and Feist. Jurvanen’s stripped-down and contemplative sound focuses mainly on his voice and guitar – including quiet, indie-folk meditations. Bahamas latest record, Barchords, was released through Brushfire Records — a label started by Jack Johnson. In this session, Afie and his group of talented singers (Carleigh Aikins and Felicity Williams) and lone maracas player (Jason Tait) demonstrate why they were named by SPIN and The New York Times of the highlights of SXSW 2012. Please follow us for updates @liveset, or subscribe to our channel. Produced by Ben Lavender, Rachel Puckett, and Ross Hinkle for Liveset. Audio recorded and mixed by Fifth Street Studios. Shot by Hunter Holder. Edited and graded by Ross Hinkle. Special thanks to Bahamas and their team.

Already Yours 1:34 Lost in the light – 4:25 Caught me Thinking – 8:18

I Got You Babe – 12:32 All Apologies – 15:53 Hockey teeth – 18:17 Never Again – 21:03 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out – 25:50

Watch Bahamas perform songs from his latest album “Sad Hunk”, exclusively for CBC Music.

0:00 Half Your Love 2:22 Not Cool Anymore 4:36 Trick To Happy 8:17 Less Than Love 12:21 Wisdom Of The World

kelsey-powers-Boardwalk to ocean Bahamas-unsplash

Bahamas live at Paste Studio NYC


1. No Wrong 1:43 2. No Expectations 10:39 3. Can’t Take You With Me 19:04 Watch Bahamas live at Paste Studio NYC! More performance sessions and interviews here:…



rina-miele-sea of clouds-unsplash-scaled

Felicity and Afie singing dual leads and harmonies, so damn talented. She has so much control, hitting such perfect pitches without belting it out takes so much control. Great band!


Bahamas – All The Time


All The Time” is available on iTunes: Directed by Scott Kaija and Produced by Light Echo Productions, Made Possible With The Support Of the Ontario Media Development Corporation Visit Made Possible With The Support Of the Ontario Media Development Corporation.


I got all the time in the world
Don’t you want some of that?
I got all the time in the world
Don’t you want some of that?
Don’t you want some of that?
I would
I would
I have all the time in the world
You want it none of that
I have all the time in the world
You want it none of that
You want it none of that
I would
I would
With my world in front of my girl
There’s something wrong with her
With my world in front of my girl
There’s something wrong with her
Something really, really wrong with her
All is to be true

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Jurvanen Afie Salomon
All the Time lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing Llc, Downtown Dlj Songs

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Bahamas – Way With Words (Live From Jimmy Kimmel Live! / 2018)


The music video by the Bahamas performing Way With Words was filmed on January 24th, 2018, El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA. © 2018 Barchords Inc., under exclusive license to Brushfire Records.


Way With Words



Licensed to YouTube by


I did a double-take while watching the first few minutes of this video while the camera pans over the musicians, asking, is that “James Gadson, in the drummer seat”? James Gadson of the Use Me Bill Withers brings in the funk, period. Yes, and for more cred, look at the bass player Giuseppe Henry “Pino” Palladino: experience, tenure, cred, and abundant respect.

Paul Langan

Afie Jurvanen

Bahamas || Live @ 885FM || “No Expectations”


Bahamas || Live @ 885FM || “No Expectations” || 01.25.18 Recorded and Mixed at 885FM KCSN Southern California By Tristan Dolce & Matt Blake

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