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Free Masterclass: Discover How To Break Free From Traumas & Emotional Wounds

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Heal Your Past. Clear Your Blocks. And Turn 2019 Into Your Most Abundant Year Yet

Join us in the masterclass and experience an energy clearing session with Christie Marie Sheldon

So why is this training still one of our most-sought-after Masterclasses?

Well, here are 3 reasons to not miss this:

#1 Experience a Full On Healing Session with Christie

You will experience a full-on healing process with Christie. It lasts about 20 minutes and people have reported experiencing deep transformative shifts as they go through this. Christie is also delivering the class in a trance state.

#2 People come back to re-experience this over and over again….

The impact this Masterclass has on people is extraordinary — Insights, life-changing healings, epiphanies and more. Many Mindvalley members return every year to experience this class over and over again.

# 3 Love Letters Galore

No other class gets nearly as many love letters from students as this Masterclass does. I’ll share just some of the messages we’ve gotten in a minute.

That said, please note:

The class is predominantly audio only. Christie goes into a trance state when delivering the Energy Clearing session, so it’s NOT your regular training.

It’s slightly longer than a regular masterclass— but that’s because just the healing portion alone in this class is a good 20 mins. We want to add tremendous value.

Are you held back by abundance blocks?

In this video, Christie Marie Sheldon reveals the 5 simple steps to clear your abundance blocks and she even demonstrates this on a volunteer.

Discover and remove the Abundance Blocks that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams and watch the free masterclass with Christie here:



Oh my…the things we believe…

What abundance stories are you telling yourself?

Revealed: The hidden barriers that may be hijacking your life goals


“Hard work is the only path to success”

“Rich people aren’t nice people”

“Our economy is taking a turn for the worse so we better tighten our belts”

You’ve probably had these phrases said to you at one point in your life. They all seem fairly harmless and if anything, very well-meaning.

But what if these thoughts trickle into your subconscious and impact your view on the world.

And since our views influence our reality — WHAT IF — this is also impacting our reality and this making abundance harder to come by.

According to author Christie Marie Sheldon — this is EXACTLY what happens to us all.

So if you’re facing less abundance and wealth than you’d like — it might be due to you subconsciously taking on these mental barriers.

And according to Christie, there are 24 distinct blocks she refers to as Abundance Blocks.

Anyone of these blocks gets really trap your financial goals into a wild tailspin.

Which is why Christie is hosting her annual Energy Clearing session with Mindvalley Academy to help you get rid of these blocks as we roll into 2019.


Let Christie Marie Sheldon clear ALL your blocks so you experience your most abundant year yet


Raise your energetic vibrations on this FREE Masterclass with Christie Marie Sheldon


 Claim your discount on Christie Marie Sheldon’s bestselling energetic toolkit