Shamanic Journeying with Trees


The Spiritual Sentinels Who Stand Amongst Us


A Weekend Workshop at Healing Ground


Summerfield, NC


RESCHEDULED to March 30th and 31st


Join Shamanic Practitioners, Petra LeBeau, and Pat Cockrell, in this weekend workshop as they guide us in the ways that trees take us into new energetic and spiritual realms for healing and enrichment.


The power of trees teach us and bring healing to our world, is one of the greatest gifts Nature provides us. As we deeply connect and tap into their great benevolence, wisdom, and peace, we are irrevocably changed on all levels: physically, energetically and spiritually. Trees represent to us the joining of Heaven and Earth, yin and yang, and the connection to the 3 worlds of the shaman: the underworld, the middle world, and the upper world.


In this workshop you will learn:


Ways to increase your ability to energetically connect and communicate with trees.


How to build an empathic relationship with trees through the heart connection.


Experience how trees can heal and re-balance us, physically, energetically, and spiritually.


Learn the special characteristics and personalities of individual trees.


Experience shamanic journeying through trees into the three worlds, and discover the wisdom and lessons that each of these worlds holds for you.


Participate in ancient rituals and practices with trees that teach us about community, and our interconnectedness with all things on our beloved planet.


Experience the sacred land and trees at Healing Ground – a very special place for this kind of workshop.


Workshop Cost: $275
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Location: Healing Ground, Summerfield NC (

Date & Times: March 30 & 31st from 9:30 am to 5:00pm


About Petra LeBeau and Pat Cockrell – Both Petra and Pat are highly trained in the art of energy healing, and are graduates of the Four Winds Society’s Healing the Light Body School and work closely with the indigenous medicine men and women of the Q’ero lineage in Peru.
With deep love and respect for the wisdom of trees, Petra and Pat have worked with the great Sequoias and Redwoods of the Northwest. They are excited to guide you during this powerful, transformative, and restorative weekend.


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