Shamanic Training Fall 2018 Susan Norton, MS, HLB This four month intensive shaman training is open to those ready to walk this medicine path, to heal their own wounds and bring peace and healing to others. Classes run on Thursdays from 6:30- 9:30 pm at a private residence in Ithaca, NY from September- December. Classes begin on September 20 and end on Dec. 13. (no class on Thanksgiving 11/22) In addition to the twelve training classes, there is a bonus ceremonial gathering and class. We’ll decide together the time for this celebration, typically a week or so after the last official class. Learn the key elements of Peruvian shamanism steeped in tradition from certified shamanic practitioner Susan Norton. In a small group setting we will walk the four directions of the medicine wheel and develop our own mesa, healing bundle. This course is based on years of study and instruction taken in person from great master teachers. Over the course of four months, you will develop the ability to see beyond ordinary reality, work directly with spirit and become one with your higher self. Learn to do chakra clearings, illuminations, extractions of heavy energy, removal of cords that hold us to people or past events, spirit flights and soul retrievals. Your classmates will become your tribe as you challenge each other and grow. ‘Shamanism is an old tradition within all cultures, which involves the ability to journey with intention into non-ordinary realms of consciousness, and retrieve visionary and healing information for oneself or on behalf of others. It works with animal, plant and mineral spirits. These become the teacher allies and totems of wisdom. The wisdom is called medicine’ ~ anonymous The course tuition is $2400, available in payments of $500 for each direction, with a deposit of $400 to hold your space, or payment in full. Early registration is encouraged, as class size is limited. For more information and to register contact Susan Norton at (607) 229-5161 or “I recently had the pleasure of participating in a twelve session Peruvian Shamanism class taught by Susan. I thought I’d just be adding a few new skills to my shamanic “toolkit,” and I certainly did learn many excellent shamanic healing techniques. But this class took me so much deeper! Susan has a purity of self and spirit that I have only rarely encountered. She is deeply humble and reverential, and effortlessly transmits these qualities to her students. She is loving and encouraging, and inspires self- confidence and spontaneity. I am especially moved by how Susan’s class helped me to release lifelong personal patterns in order to more fully allow spirit to work through me” JoAnn Horton Ithaca, NY
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