Silvia Perez Cruz comes out again, two years later on Durham Cool, just in time for Spring 2019!

The birds are singing each to each in this beautiful Barcelona video, Perdoname Luna.  My mom, Madeline was a Spanish major at Marywood University (Scranton, PA), who taught her 3 boys love for Spanish, strict Castilian pronunciation.  This re-post is for my mother, Madeline’s April Birthday 2020. Durham Cool has an obvious weak spot for the music of traditional Spain. The sun-saturated colors of Barcelona; especially the unique Spanish red spectrum from cinnabar to crimson, Merlot to sangria.


Madeline and Molly 217 Warren Place

Mom and Molly 2019


   Two YouTube videos which capture the natural flow of life in the surrounds, while this angel, incarnated here on earth, lifts us up over the small talk and petty postures of ego into the sublime. Explain to me how you could not be moved by this Perdoname Luna performance by Las Migas, fronted by Silvia Perez Cruz. Listen to the birds singing in harmonic/discordant response in the Perdoname Luna (2nd video) while this flamenco group, Las Migas performs; a private concert shared with the world. This is a masterclass in vocal performance, with tenderness and strength expressed as the lyric required. Watch the video closely several times in quick succession.  Each time your eye will catch each musician’s fealty to the effort, each other and especially the featured voice- leading all with humility and qualified mastery.  This is one I will not tire from.  Linger in joy along with me.

Here is the English translation of, Perdoname Luna,  or Forgive me, Moon. Imagine an alternative Universe where your language teacher looked and sounded like Silvia? How quickly would you acquire Spanish and any other Romance language, with lessons sung to you by MME Silvia Perez Cruz , on an open to element Adobe red terrace in beautiful Barcelona?

The moon gores you like the bull gores you
the old moon devoid of lovers, devoid of everything.
What does the moon know, whether I’m sincere?
If I once loved you, or if I still love you?

What does the moon know about how I feel,
If I was gloomy down to the bones from crying my guts out
I doubt that the moon can know what are my misgivings, if I don’t know them!

The moon mooner1 doesn’t shine in my sky, there are no jingle bells for its rattle.
From my grave turned into a crib, I’m returning to tell you:
Forgive me moon, forgive me the moon.

The moon gores you like the bull gores you
with or without reason,
I know I loved you,
that I’m feeling lonely.

The moon knows only to well
that I can’t live without you,
that I cannot see you
but I don’t forget you!

What does the moon know of the sad clown,
about suppressing all vigor to the gallows the disaster gives you.
I doubt that the moon can know
what are my misgivings if I don’t know them!

The moon mooner …

The moon mooner …

Forgive me moon, forgive me moon.

1. ‘Luna lunita lunera’ (‘Moon moonie mooner’) is a spanish lullaby (‘lunera’ doesn’t have an exact meaning, but my impression of the word is moonstruck girl)

Perdoname Luna
Enviste la luna como enviste el toro
la luna menguante carente de amante, carente de todo.
Que sabe la luna, cuando soy sincero?
Si una vez te quice, o si aun te quiero?

Que sabe la luna como yo me siento,
si hazta la armadura se me ha puesto oscura de llorar por dentro.
Dudo que la luna pueda saber cuales son mis dudas, si ni yo las se!

La luna lunera no brilla en mi cielo, ya no hay cascabeles pa su sonagero.
Yo desde mi tumba convertida en cuna, vuelvo pa decirte:
Perdoname luna, perdoname luna.

Enviste la luna como enviste el toro,
con y sin motivo,
se que te queria,
que me siento solo.

Sabe bien la luna
que sin ti no vivo,
que no puedo verte
pero no te olvido!

Que sabe la luna del triste payaso,
que al callar el toda firmese a la horca que le da el fracaso.
Dudo que la luna pueda saber
cuales son mis dudas, si ni yo las se!

La luna lunera …

La luna lunera …

Perdoname luna, perdoname luna

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