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iDevices IDEV0012 Smart Home Essentials Kit

Everything You Need to Create Your Smart Home

Include five indoor light switches, three light bulb socket adapters, and two dual outlets for outdoor uses
Control and monitor iDevices device from wherever you are using your iPhone or Android device
Compatible with both Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa
Personalized concierge support, exclusive only to Smart Home Essentials members

iDevice are really smart when they all work together.
Organize your products into convenient groups that allow you to control your home with ease.
Schedule products so they integrate into your life and simplify your daily routine.
Dynamic energy reporting provides real-time insights to save you money.

Control your home without even picking up your phone using Siri or Alexa voice commands.
Personalized concierge support, exclusive only to Smart Home Essentials members.
As a member, you’ll get everything you need to evolve your home. iDevices Essential Kit members get exclusive benefits designed to simplify your transition into a connected lifestyle. Once your home is set up, these tailored benefits will continue to enhance your experience, ensuring your smart home is personalized to your lifestyle. Enjoy knowing you can schedule custom sessions to help guide you in maximizing your smart home experience.

Apple iPhoneSmarthome Amazon Alexa Works With 350x350

However, You Want To Use
Use Your Voice, With Simple Voice Commands
“Alexa, turn on my home.”
“Hey Siri®, I’m going to bed.”
Access Your Home, Anywhere
When you’re on your way home from work
When you can’t remember if you switched it off

Google Smart Light Starter Kit with Google Assistant – Chalk

Easy to Set Up. Easy to Use. Control the Lights with Your Voice.
    • Set the Mood, Dim the Lights for a Family Movie Night Without Leaving the Couch
    • Create a routine so you can turn off the lights while staying cozy in bed
    • Just by using your voice, get real-time information to things you want to know, including the latest weather, traffic, news, sports and more
    • Place hands-free calls to your family, friends and local stores in the US and Canada
    • Google Home Mini works with your Chromecast so you can start streaming your shows, movies, and music on your TV or speakers with just your voice

    Smarthome Google Home 'works with' 550x480

    “Hey Google, turn on the lights.”

    Get the helpfulness of Google Home Mini joined with a smart light from GE. It’s a simple and moderate way to begin the associated home that gives you a chance to kill your lights on or with simply your voice Just module Google Home Mini, tighten the GE C-Life light and download the Google Home App. Set the state of mind Dim the lights for a family film night without leaving the sofa. Say goodnight Create a daily practice so you can kill the lights while remaining comfortable in bed

    Smarthome LIFX 'works with' - shop now!
    LIFX+ is the brightest Wi-Fi enabled LED light bulb with 16 million colors, including warm to cool whites, and infrared for night vision with no hub required. The A19 bulb is designed to replace common light bulbs typically used in lamps or other similar applications
    Take your smart home to another wavelength with the LIFX+. With the help of infrared, the LIFX+ lets you see in the dark by enhancing the range and quality of vision from your at home security camera.
    Take complete control of your lighting. The free LIFX app is available on Android, iOS and Windows 10. With a few taps on your tablet, phone or watch, colors go from bright and vibrant to pure whites in seconds.
    Expand LIFX to your entire home. Immerse yourself in ready-made color palettes or create and save your own with scenes. Group your lights to control rooms or your entire home with just an easy tap on your LIFX app.