About Rev. Violet Schonhardt



“The bridge through eternity lies through the door of the heart!”
Rev. Violet Schonhardt
Rev. Vi, an accomplished, Metaphysical Community Leader promotes the fullness of life experience as she works through Spiritual Pathways, as a Spiritual Consultant. Her heartwarming energy inspires necessary action to create uplifting conditions that builds self-confidence which leads to new beginnings.
She guides clients to build on successes as they learn to trust the guidance that comes from the center of self. Healing with Love leads the way. As one of her students has written, “Rev. Schonhardt’s teaching style makes complex concepts easier to understand, while challenging the student to think about how these concepts apply to everyday living.” Having fun is a part of Rev. Vi’s positive approach to life which includes every area of her work.

During this time of changing energy in our country as well as the planet on which we live, it is necessary to continually upgrade thought patterns and belief systems to navigate successfully the changing environment. The way we used to do things, no longer works. Prayerful meditation is Rev.Vi’s daily practice which keeps her moving along with the natural flow of her life. She has a passion for reaching the hearts of the people she is in contact with and nourishing them with loving care.

Rev. Vi prayed the prayer many years ago to plunge the depth of her being and bring forth the highest and best she could possibly be. Since then, her life experience has taken her in many and varied directions as an experienced Metaphysical Leader.
She has founded “The Schonhardt Integrative Healing Method, which she incorporates in her work, taught troubled children in an institutional setting, developed and implemented curriculums for troubled children, a seminary program, and various other curriculums designed to meet special needs of individual communities. She also continues her work as a long time Seminary Teacher for United Metaphysical Churches headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia where she was ordained and is a Certified Spiritual Healer and teacher.

Summer Special

“Time to forge important bonds within your family”

Rev. Vi – Spiritual Consultant

• Laying the groundwork for growing interactive relationships
• Building individual and family meditation skills
• Working together –shared experience
• Creating a plan that works for everyone including individuals
• Building trust within family relationships
• Developing and practicing meditation possibilities
• Learning how to continually update meditation practice in accordance with family needs

Healing with Love is Rev. Vi’s focus whether she is working from her beautiful retreat center, her downtown office, in a conference setting, or one on one. She enjoys meeting people on common ground as she guides them too, “Listen to your own heartsong to transform your thinking and your life!”


Contact Information:

Rev. Violet Schonhardt
Spiritual Pathways LLC
2741 Campus Walk Ave.
Building 500 – Room 203
Durham, NC 27705

Phone/Fax: 336-364-1009
Email: Rev.Vi@SpiritualPathways4.me