We have a unique opportunity during shut-in, shut down to observe and analyze our current leaders, up close under crisis. How do our gubernatorial, congressional, Chief Executive Officer (President) leaders handle crisis management? Do they manage with urgency, command, and control or confusion and apathy? This devastating pandemic  provides us an interesting opportunity for contrast and compare between distinct styles of leadership, Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Donald J. Trump.

So many of us, on all sides of the political divide (see divide and conquer), have gravitated to the alpha male confident, command, and control crisis handling style of workaholic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Remember Governor and chief is in the Cuomo D.N.A.

Perhaps some  are drawn to this article after awakening to how our leaders serve the American Public. Do we want leaders with practical solutions with immediate benefit to us and the streets where we live or ones with 10 word answers for complex and complicated problems.

Some leaders find themselves in direct conflict with their own words from daily debriefs.






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