One truly interesting phenom this year was the rise of Megyn Kelly.  It is a credit to Megyn Kelly’s tenacity to stand her rightfully earned ground in the face of an active campaign  to undermine her authority as a reporter.

Megyn, like any competent reporter, challenges authority and doesn’t take their pat answers as sacrosanct.   Megyn Kelly is aesthetically beautiful but it is her tenacity and overall determined effort to get the heart of every question that is most appealing. Megyn Kelly is prepared to ask the difficult question because like any good reporter/trial attorney she has done her homework. Buried lead alert:  Misogynists  don’t like women. Power does not enjoy the critical role journalists play in our democracy.   Many journalists have abdicated the journalistic responsibility to get the truth, ask the hard questions and instead all too often report the authority line. Corporate media has quietly quashed good journalism in my lifetime.  Humorists like John Stewart have taken the mantle.

Misogynists don’t like women  You will often find misogynists complementing and isolating parts of the female physique.  This for them, is love for women.  Rarely will you find misogynists who are comfortable seeing women as peers.   At core misogynists are fearful of intellectually superior or otherwise high status women. Professional journalists who are beautiful and good at their job are a particular challenge to their dominance (see fragile ego).

President elect, Donald Trump raised a strong, competent beautiful woman in Ivanka.

Trump tried to undermine Megyn Kelly’s duty as a reporter to ask the challenging questions and challenge authority. Good journalists like Megyn Kelly can hold their heads up high this year for doing what journalism demands of good reporters.  Megyn had a support network around her, including a supportive boss and loyal husband.

There is another reporter, from Democracy Now, who doesn’t have the same platform and thus is not as well known, Amy Goodman who routinely practices good journalism.   Amy Goodman has covered stories that most corporate media sources effort to avoid.

Amy Goodman coverage of the North Dakota Pipeline