Bolly Monday farewell

Dear friends and supporters,

It means the world to me that so many of you came out for my last two Bolly Mondays! I am so grateful for your support and will miss seeing you all at my weekly table at Fullsteam.

Many of you have contributed to my GoFundMe fundraiser, for which I am so deeply appreciative! Thank you for providing financial support at such an important time as I transition to a different type of work. For those who have not seen the links, here is my GoFundMe page, as well as my LinkedIn account. I am nearly at the halfway point of my overall GoFundMe goal, so I would certainly appreciate any amount of help. Your generous contributions will help me meet my rent obligations and life’s essentials like grocery and utility bills, as well as closing out the business. I’m not retiring, but eager to work, so if you have any leads or work opportunities, please email me at your earliest convenience. Feel free to share the above links so that I can cast as wide a net as possible.

Thank you all, again, for your love and support over the years. Please keep in touch!




I am truly grateful to you all for your support of Bolly Mondays over the past eight years, and for your warmth, care, and friendship during this time. Some of you have been long-standing friends and customers over the course of my forty years in business as I’ve served you through
“Suman’s Indian Cuisine.”


Sadly, I need to close the doors of my business for financial reasons. I will offer the final Bolly Monday: July 30th. I do hope that you can make it to this Bolly Monday — not only for your meal, but for your support as I embark on my next chapter.


I’m faced with a few challenges right now, and to help, My friends have set up a Go Fund Me Page , to provide assistance as I move in a new direction. I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide. No amount is too small.


Thank you all, again, for your love and support of Suman’s Indian Cuisine. I couldn’t have done this without you. And I would like to thank Sean Lilly Wilson at Fullsteam for his generosity and kindness in providing this space for my business since he opened the brewery in August of 2010.
I will miss you, and my Bolly Mondays, very much.


Bolly Monday (Suman’s Catering, Indian Cuisine), July 16, 5-8:00 at Fullsteam Brewery, 726 Rigsbee Avenue Durham, NC 27701 (919) 682-2337

Time to treat yourself to something “Bolly”! Full Indian meals to eat at Fullsteam, or pick some up to eat at home. We offer take-out, including reserving your meals in advance (see below). Already got plans for dinner tonight?! Pick up this evening and save for another night! Mondays are ALWAYS a great weekday to let someone else feed you!

We will be there, rain, thunderstorms or shine! So dash in and pick up your dinners or eat in and enjoy Fullsteam’s hospitality and excellent beers!

Please call Or text me at 919-943-0348 on Monday. I will be happy to hold dinners for you. Now offering Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free Dinners.

All major Credit Cards accepted! MC/Visa/Am Ex/Discover.

Bolly Monday Dinner Menu July 16

Butter Chicken (aka Chicken Tikka Masala): A satisfying ensemble of roasted chunks (tikka) of chicken in a silky butter-cardamom-tomato-cream sauce, perfumed with fenugreek…$12

Chicken Vindaloo: A zesty combination of succulent, boneless chicken, ginger, roasted crushed spices….withe a whiff of vinegar…$12

Sindhi Chicken Curry: A fragrant ensemble of boneless chicken, tomatoes, mint and cilantro…$12

Tandoori Chicken: Moist and tender, flavorful, boneless marinated, grilled chicken…$12

Palak Paneer: Tender chunks of paneer (home-made cheese) with fresh spinach, tomatoes,ginger and aromatic spices …$11

Shahi “Paneer”: Tender chunks of tofu in a silky butter-cardamom-tomato-cream sauce, perfumed with fenugreek…$10

Chana Dal: Comfort food…yellow lentils with tomatoes and cumin

Coconut Cabbage: More comfort food…. cabbage, coconut with aromatic spices

All dinners served with:
Basmati Rice
Naan with Garlic Butter or Plain (Vegan)

Vegan and Gluten-free Dinners available

​Dinner 1 $12
Butter Chicken, Dal, Cabbage, Rice and Naan

Dinner 2 $12
Chicken Vindaloo, Dal, Cabbage, Rice and Naan

Dinner 3 $12
Sindhi Chicken Curry, Dal, Cabbage, Rice and Naan

Dinner 4 $12
Tandoori Chicken, Dal, Cabbage, Rice and Naan

Dinner 5 $11​
Palak Paneer, Dal, Cabbage, Rice and Naan

Dinner 6 $10
Shahi “Paneer”, Dal, Cabbage, Rice and Naan

#7 Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free Dinners include, Dal, Vegetables , Rice and Naan $10

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