Sutra of Golden Light

Listen to this recitation in its entirety, best in meditative stillness and receptivity,  the sublime, Golden Light Sutra.   You may listen the Gold Light Sutra 1X or 108 times while washing dishes or working on a project.    Download the Sutra and recite it all the way through at least one time during this lifetime.  Often I will listen to the Sutra as a final practice at the end of each day.

Anita Saran
Published on Oct 4, 2016
Golden Light Sutra Chapters 1 to 7 (remember to listen all the way thru to Chapter 21 on YouTube).

I received the Pratimoksha and Bodhisattva vows from His Holiness, the Dalai Lama in 2015. I recite the Sublime Golden Light Sutra every day as Lama Zopa Rinpoche suggests. I wept when I first read the chapter ‘Confessions’ included in this audio. The sheer beauty and depth of the verses are incredible.

I will be glad to dedicate any merit from this practice to anyone who needs to solve a problem. Write to

As Lama Zopa points out, “If you have any problems in life, just hearing the name of the Golden Light Sutra can give protection and pacify those problems.”

The painting of The Buddha is by me.

May those who listen to this recitation have the causes of happiness and eliminate the causes of suffering.

Sutra of Golden Light

Benefits of the Sutra of Golden Light

Lama Zopa Rinpoche urges us to recite the Sutra of Golden Light every day. The benefits from reciting, listening to, or even hearing the name of the sutra are immeasurable, from eliminating conflict, terrorism, torture and famine to achieving full enlightenment.

This sutra is inconceivable,
For its ocean of virtue is without end;
It frees every being
From countless oceans of suffering.

For beings without merit,
The store of their merit
Will grow into a limitless,
incalculable, inconceivable mass.

Oral Transmission of Golden Light Sutra by Lama Zopa Rinpoche: All 21 Chapters


Full recording of Golden Light Sutra (21 chapters version) Oral Transmission (Lung) by Lama Zopa Rinpoche from a retreat in Australia in September and October, 2014. Rinpoche has agreed that the full oral transmission of this Sutra can be received from listening to this recording.


Golden Light Sutra Chapters 1 to 7 English Spoken Audio Recording

An audio recording in English of one of my favorite Sutras. Read for the benefit of all beings.

King of Glorious Sutras, the Sublime Golden Light

The Golden Light Sutra or Suvarṇaprabhāsa Sūtra is the King of the Sutras. It is extremely powerful and fulfills all one’s wishes, as well as bringing peace and happiness for all sentient beings, up to I enlightenment. It is also extremely powerful for world peace, for your own protection, and for the protection of the country and the world.

The benefits of reading, hearing, or reciting the Sutra of Golden Light are countless.

“Those who hear this sutra,
Those who cause others to hear it,
Those who rejoice upon hearing it
And make offerings to it,
For tens of millions of eons
Shall be venerated by gods and nagas,
Humans and kinnaras,
Asuras and yakshas.”

Buddha head with black background by Monil Andharia
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