If you have not enjoyed this Silvia Perez Cruz marathon, then time to leave Durham Cool until the ardor wanes. This is the Sturm und Drang of life expressed by one of our best living Interpreters. It is our mission to celebrate and elevate what we enjoy so you may join us or simply walk on by.

Brel said that “Ne me quitte pas” was not a love song, but rather “a hymn to the cowardice of men”, and the degree to which they were willing to humiliate themselves. He knew, he said, that it would give pleasure to women who assumed it was a love song, and he understood that.

“Please don’t go away We must forget all We can forget all That’s already past Let’s forget the times We misunderstood And the times we stood Just wondering how Let’s forget the hours Of wondering why That poisoned our lives And our happy ways Please don’t go away (4 times) But I can offer you Pearls made out of rain Brought from far-off climes Where it doesn’t rain I can dig the earth Until past my death Just to make you shine In both gold and light I’ll found a domain Where love shall be might Where love shall be right And only you will reign Please don’t go away (4 times) Please don’t go away I’ll invent for you Words devoid of sense Words you’ll understand I will tell about Those great lovers two Who saw both their hearts Flower all anew I will tell about That unhappy king Who… simply died From never meeting you Please don’t go away (4 times) You will often see Fiery flames arise From a mountainside That was thought extinct I heard tell of soils Scorched though they may be Bearing much more wheat Than the best of springs And in evening haze If night didn’t wed With a sky of red Would sunset even blaze? Please don’t go away (4 times) Please don’t go away I won’t weep again I won’t speak again I will simply hide Just to watch you dance Just to watch you smile Just to listen to You sing and laugh Just let me become Shadow in the fog Shadow of your hand Shadow of your dog Please don’t go away Please don’t go away Please don’t go away” English translation of French lyrics.