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Getting to know 1,2,3 Puppetry led by sol Ramirez Score 100%

Getting to know 1,2,3 Puppetry led by sol Ramirez

1 2 3 Puppetry (1,2,3 Puppetry) is a youth/young adult-led puppet and theatre company based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They have been performing Spring puppet spectacles in Chapel Hill since 2017 but was started by now 17-year-old Sol Ramirez around 2010.

The main goal of 123 Puppetry group is to use puppetry, acting, music, and movement to promote a social justice message, as well as bring to light many issues that are otherwise overlooked.

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Roma-the new film by Alfonso Cuaron.

Alfonso Cuaron, who won an Oscar for directing 2013’s “Gravity,” is back in the awards conversation again this year with a very different kind of film, “Roma,” a clearly autobiographical tale that follows the life of a middle-class family in Mexico City in the early 70s.

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