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Durham Cool Media

Many of you already know that Durham Cool Media is a company that develops websites, business Facebook pages and cultivates desirable traffic for business owners across all pertinent social media platforms . Now Durham Cool Media has a new FB page. Visit the new Facebook Page Here.

Here is a recent post from one of Durham Cool Media’s clients:

“Among all the chores involved in opening a B&B, the one I dreaded most was somehow managing to create a website for the business. It would be an understatement to say that my ignorance of such matters is nearly total, and that my techno-phobia is appallingly obvious.

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The Choice is yours

What is happening on Durham Cool?  The Durham Cool team continues to provide original, thought-provoking content.  Yet we have not heard from our readers in a while.   Google Analytics tells us we are picking up readers from all over the world.

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